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Snit Digest: TOR proxies

His lying never ends. Even though I have him killfiled I get to see most of the wild claims he make. Even though Edwin will project his love/jealousy for Snit on me, I can't resist posting about Snits latest screwup.
In january I killfiled Snit, and seeing how much he talks about me without me talking to him really sets a new standard for his obsession for me.
In the past, he has flooded my site almost three hundred thousand times. And his recent antic was to write a blog on where he mentioned me no less than 1050 times. The poor guy is sick.
So, I blocked his IP from the server - Why would I want to have him try to flood my site?
So, reading followups to his posts I quickly learned that he was first astonished that he was blocked, and tried to angle it like my site was down, and I obviously didn't know what I was doing. When he found out that I had blocked him, he quickly came around saying that he now can access the site just fine from the IP he posts from here in csma. Which of course he couldn't. That IP is blocked and hasn't accessed the server since Feb 20.
He is so obsessed with me that he is trying to pretend that the firewall isn't working. I have said in relation to this (as replies to followups to his posts) that the FW works just fine and if he is accessing it he is doing so from another IP.
So recently I posted about him mentioning me 1050 times, which can be seen here:
But since that page only lists the latest blog from Snit (so it would change if he wrote another) I linked to the direct link to that blog, which was:
Since I posted that, that page has been accessed by three IP's: of my IP's Carroll
Peaking under the killfile I see that Snit explicitly claims to have clicked the link in my post, so one of these three IP's must be him.
So what is Well, it originates from *germany*! What? Snit is in germany? No, he's not. That IP belongs to an ISP called "Strato Rechenzentrum" and is a known proxy server. That specific IP is even listed here:
And for the final nail in the coffin - he once used that proxy when he posted as Brock McNuggets:
IP: -> Same exact ISP
As I said - busted.