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Snit Digest: Omar sock puppet

So there was a "new" poster in CSMA (and usenet); Omar Murad Asfour. He posted this:
09/02/2009 Rotating movies
Omar Murad Asfour <> ($$$lwkkl$

I have a camera that also takes videos. Sometimes I hold the camera
sideways. How do you rotate the videos once they are in iMovie?Omar Murad Asfour
A generic question about something Mac-related. Nice.
The first to reply is Snit:
09/02/2009 Re: Rotating movies
Snit <>

Where he talks about a free alternative to QuickTime for the task at hand. Thank you Snit!
09/02/2009 Re: Rotating movies
Snit <>

Omar thanks Snit and would be on his way to solve his video-related issues, right?
09/02/2009 Re: Rotating movies
Snit <>

For some reason, Snit responds to Omar to post a claim about others in csma. He makes a prediction about how Omar will be called Snits sock puppet? Now why would anyone do that? Yes, why...
09/02/2009 Re: Rotating movies
Sandman <>

I greet the new poster very politely, welcoming him to the group. This is the tone I keep throughout my communication with Omar
09/02/2009 Re: Rotating movies
Omar Murad Asfour <> ($$$lwkkl$

Does his reading your posts or not make you call people names all the time?
Then he makes an explicit claim about Steve Carroll, a poster he supposedly know nothing about other than the links Snit posted.
A very strange thing to claim for a completely new poster to the group, indeed. It's almost as if he has a prior agenda.
09/03/2009 Re: Rotating movies
Omar Murad Asfour <> ($$$lwkkl$

Why do you question why I would know what I have been shown?
When I point this out, he does a classical Snit and asks why he wouldn't know what he has been shown, as if he has been shown what Steve Carroll does "all the time".

Ok, so this new guy surely acts strangely for someone new, things like:

  • Supporting Snit, this is very unusual for csma
  • Having no usenet history
  • Using x-private, a usenet provider for being anonymous, highly unusual for someone new
  • Attacking the exact same people Snit always target
  • Posts from the same area as Snit (Arizona)
Also, Omar posts at the same times as Snit, especially noteworthy is that he doesn't post if Snit isn't posting. So if Snit is busy one night (as 9/3 above) then neither Snit or Omar will post to usenet.
All of these are highly suspicious behavior supports the claim that he is a Snit sockpuppet of course, but not without doubt.
09/04/2009 Re: My PPC is almost unsellable
Sandman <>

But when I posted about the above stats, Omar visited with a french IP note and since Snit is known to use TOR proxies to hide his tracks, this is pretty solid proof.
But that's not all. The most solid proof is that Omar is posting from the same IP that posts the Steve Carroll's Dog posts. The thing with the x-private usenet service is that it encrypts your posting host, not hide it altogether. So the posting host of Omar is "$$$lwkkl$", which incidentally is the same as Steve Carroll's Dog. I don't think anyone doubted that "Steve Carroll's Dog" was Snit, but no one cared enough so Snit had to create a new sock puppet; enter Omar.
Snit, busted yet again.