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Snit Digest: Gibberish

So, Michael is busy playing his games in csma, of course. This is a small recap of the latest game. He got in to a discussion with Wally about whether a passage of text is "gibberish" or not. A pretty stupid thing to argue about, of course, but wait, there is a hidden agenda as usual.
08/12/2009 Re: 10.5.8 Released - Excellent
Snit <>

Michael quotes a passage of text and dares Wally to decode its meaning. Presumably, failing to decode its meaning would mean that it is gibberish, because everything you don't understand is gibberish. Let's look at the quote:
Organizations capable of double-loop learning, by adopting project appraisal through incremental cash flow analysis, whenever single-loop learning strategies go wrong. Defensive reasoning, the doom loop and doom zoom to experience a profound paradigm shift, in order to build a shared view of what can be improved. Empowerment of all personnel, not just key operatives, from binary cause and effect to complex patterns, taking full cognizance of organizational learning parameters and principles.
And lets now look at the definition of "gibberish":
gibberish noun unintelligible or meaningless speech or writing; nonsense : he talks gibberish.
So, when reading the above quote, it's easy to assume that this is just corporate nonsense, or gibberish, unintelligible even to the author of the text.
08/12/2009 Re: 10.5.8 Released - Excellent
Snit <>

Wally: the paragraph is gibberish - devoid of any coherent meaning. Much like your thought processes!
Apart from Michaels obsessive need to insult everyone he talks to at all times, it is worth noting that he isn't merely assuming that the text is gibberish, he outright claims that it is. And it's also important to note that he does not accompany his claim with any form of support or substantiation. He just claims that it is gibberish, leaving the reader to assume that Michael is so sure that this is gibberish based on the sole fact that he doesn't understand it, making his adamant claim suspicious.
This is where the core of his game is. We know from experience that Michael only claims things this adamantly and not supporting it because he is either lying about it, or he is withholding information, trying to manipulate the "opponent" and choose a time when exposing more information and thus humiliate the other person.
So, what is it that he could possibly know about this quote? Well, it's pretty easy and straight forward. The quote comes from a DreamWeaver plugin which can insert placeholder text in HTML files in DreamWeaver. It's called "Lorum and More" and one of the filler settings are "Corporate Mumbo-Jumbo".
So that's why Michael was so adamant that this was indeed gibberish. An honest and honorable person would obviously have said that it's gibberish because he created it from a placeholder text filler, but no, that is not Michaels game, he wants to string along his "victim" as much as possible before he comes down on them with full force. His goal here was to get Wally to explain to him hat this quote meant, and when Wally presumably tries to decode its meaning, Michael would instantly expose his Wallys foolishness by showing him that he has "decoded" what the plugin calls "Corporate Mumbo-Jumbo".
Only, this time this technique backfired on Michael. The text in question is indeed created by this plugin and is indeed just random sentences thrown together. But the text itself comes from a pretty good learning theory called "Double Loop Learning" by Chris Argyris. And the passages he mentions as good examples of it being gibberish (doom loop and doom zoom) are phrases that are in relation of failing to meet set goals. So, even though the sentences are randomly put together, they are hardly nonsense, and hardly gibberish.
08/13/2009 Re: 10.5.8 Released - Excellent
Sandman <>

I respond to detail just what Double Loop Learning is and also note that the text comes from a DreamWeaver plugin.