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Snit Digest: Cola flooding

So, Snit has been flooding the group lately using his tmelmosfire sock puppet. And he naturally want to blame this flooding on someone else to play the victim, so he posted this:
02/01/2017 Carroll and tmelmosfire: isn't that odd?
Snit <>

See people responding to Carroll today so I looked at his posting times compared to tmelmosfire from the last few days... well isn't that odd... Carroll does not post for days and then tmelmosfire stops posting and Carroll comes back.
Isn't that odd... almost like tmelmosfire was pychicly able to predict when Carroll would come back and ran off. Wow, Carroll, you scared him good!
As I said, the evidence points to Sandman and Carroll playing games.
And also add a long list of names and dates, all lacking Message-ID's so it's unverifiable data. Note that he says that tmelmosfire stopped posting - THEN Steve Carroll started posting.
02/01/2017 Re: Carroll and tmelmosfire: isn't that odd?
Sandman <>
I post substantiation that tmelmosfire and Steve Carrol rarely post at the same times, showing no correlation between the two.
Snit then posts the list again, this time with Message-ID's. But now the tune has changed from "then tmelmosfire stopped posting and Carroll comes back" to there being a SIX HOUR GAP between tmelmosfire not posting and Carroll starting to post again. Yes, folks, Snit is saying that just because tmelmosfire stopped flooding the group he "predicted" that Steve Carroll was going to start posting six hours later... You can't make this shit up.