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Nasthon Digest: Read Reciept


So, Nashton posted this:

12/05/2011 The beauty of Lion.
Nashton <> (7GbD+idVpOsL7Dau/

In the meantime, real issues such as slow finder copying, no option to inform an email sender that his/her email has been read and other annoyances have been persistent since OSX 10.1Nashton
Nashton is clearly saying that he misses the option to return read receipts when someone mails him and requests it. Fine.

What is a Read Receipt?

A read receipt is a header that is added to the outgoing email. The function is explained here and in detail here and basically, the sending mail client will add a header to the mail notifying the receiving mail client that the sender has requested a receipt for the mail has been received. It is named "Return-Receipt-To", "X-Confirm-Reading-To" or "Disposition-Notification-To". This entire system hinges on the goodwill of the receiving person, and whether he or she will accept to return such a receipt or if even the email client has support for it (as is the problem for Nashton).


12/06/2011 Re: The beauty of Lion.
Nashton <> (7GbD+idVpOsL7Dau/

I'm going to have to use parallels to acquire some very simple functionality, necessary in a business environment by using Live Mail in Windows.Nashton
Nashton then claims that he is forced to use Parallells to access this functionality. He has to boot up Windows in order to "inform an email sender that his/her email has been read". At this point, Nashton clearly imply that not only does Apple Mail not support this feature, but it is totally unsupported by every other mail client for the Mac platform. And also, it is such a business-crucial functionality for him that he has to boot up a virtualization layer just to read his email for this one specific feature.


12/06/2011 Re: The beauty of Lion.
Nashton <> (7GbD+idVpOsL7Dau/

My solution is based on Daylite Mail integration. I don't care about other solutions, because everything is tied into Mac Mail.Nashton
Then, when -hh suggests that instead of booting up Parallells (which seemed like a viable, albeit clumsy, solution) he should try an alternative Mac mail client. Now Nashton claims that he uses Daylite, which in turn integrates with Apple Mail and no other mail client, and for reasons unknown Outlook for Mac is not as viable as an option as Windows Live in Parallells is. From the same message:
Unless, of course, that "other mail client" is WIndows Mail running in Parallells, I suppose?
12/12/2011 Re: The beauty of Lion.
Alan Baker <> (

I'm quite sincere in my offer to solve your problem, Nicolas, and as a show of good faith, I'm now going to send an email to
After having argued a bit about both the validity of using Return Receipts as a function and what email clients support it and who doesn't, Alan offers to help Nashton solve his problem. He reportedly sends an email to Nashton that is requesting a read receipt, from Apple Mail.
It is worth noting here that Alan misunderstood the initial problem - Nashton wanted a solution to reply to read receipt requests, not send them, more on that later.
12/13/2011 Re: The beauty of Lion.
Nashton <> (
No such thing arrived in my mailbox. I received 2 emails and none of them contained a request to confirm that I read the email. How could you provide proof that I answered a confirmation request when I hadn't even opened the email, let alone not having been given the option to.......confirm that I received it?Nashton
Nashton replies that he didn't get any mail that made his Apple Mail request a read receipt from Alan, which is quite true, since Apple Mail is lacking this functionality out of the box, and as earlier explained, Alan misunderstood the problem.
But Nashton confirms that the "Disposition-Notification-To" header is in Alans mail, but denies that this header is in any way related to return receipts, further showcasing his ignorance.
12/11/2011 A bargain...
Alan Baker <> (

If I can demonstrate that Mail can do them, are you willing to pay for it? I think a reasonable figure is $90; my normal rate for an hour.Nashton
Alan then posts that he has a solution for Nashtons problem and asks to be paid due to his lack of confidence in Nashtons trustworthiness.
12/12/2011 Re: A bargain...
Nashton <> (7GbD+idVpOsL7Dau/

Whether mail can do them or not is not the issue, entirely. The image of "Macs just work" is just a mirage and a lie.
Nashton replies that whether it can be done isn't important, only that is (supposedly) should be an included feature. This is a strange stance to take for a person that has accepted a workflow that forces him to boot parallells to read his mail. Surely if it can be done would be very interesting for such a person? Or could it be Nashtons enormous pride getting in the way of him actually finding a solution to his problem?
12/13/2011 Re: Read receipt requests and replies to read receipts...
Alan Baker <> (

Seriously, send me an email with a read receipt request...'s all set up and I'll video the whole thing. But you won't, will you?Nashton
Nashton never did.
12/13/2011 Alan Baker Mr "Motorola Playbook" gets confused again...
Nashton <> (7GbD+idVpOsL7Dau/

The solution he is talking about is nothing like what is available for the vast majority of email clients available for the Mac. I didn't ask for a "return receipt" buried deep in some header that is nothing but proof that an email has been *sent*, and *not* read.Nashton
These are claims about Alans solution that Nashton knows nothing about, haven't tried, or even tested through the process suggested by Alan above.
I didn't bother sending Baker anything because, Mac Mail doesn't ....handle...LOL....return receipts.Nashton
Which is exactly what Alan is claiming he has set up for his Mac Mail and Nashton refuses to try out.
The email comes in, I get a dialog asking if I want to send back the receipt, I click "OK" or "Cancel".Alan
Nashton keeps ignoring and ignoring this over and over again, refering to Alans solution as hacking plists:
Bakers method: Hack plist, dig deep in headers for something or other even before the intended recipient even...opened the email.Nashton
Rinse and repeat. Nashton keeps ignoring the possibility of his problem having a solution and sticking his fingers in his ears over and over again. Amazing!