Snit Digest: Latest sock puppets exposed (meat and tmelmosfire)
The problem with using so many sock puppets is that you have to remember who you're posting as, this has been a common thing with Snit, where he accidentally posts a sock puppet post with his Snit handle, or posts a Snit post with a sock puppet handle. This last mistake was with the sock puppet "meat". Now, to be perfectly honest, this particular sock puppet had me fooled. Not that I had given it much thought really, but people started to call it a sock puppet of Snit and I went "really?" because the thing with "meat" was that he didn't post derogatory stuff directed towards Steve Carroll (or other "enemies" of Snit).
Anyway, Snit posted this:
And then, 17 seconds later, "meat" posted this:
05/09/2016 Re: World heading for disaster moving from pro-OS to hobbyware...
Meat (Snit) <> (90ee84847af2fbf9ce25b9f8a0d09252)
Which was the exact same post, just accidentally posted using the "meat" account. Oops.
But the screwups doesn't stop there. Now that we know Snit posted as "meat", it will come as no surprise that he messed up with his "tmelmosfire" handle as well, posting a typical "tmelmosfire" post using his meat account:
05/09/2016 Re: Troll!! :)
Meat (Snit) <> (90ee84847af2fbf9ce25b9f8a0d09252)

Every other post from "meat" had been quite level-headed and sort of agreeable with logic and reason (well, apart from the one with the "Snit" content above), and here it is filled with a huge chunk of text from Snit's normal cut'n'paste job from tmelmosfire. Compare the text from one of Snit's many tmelmosfire posts attacking Carroll:
05/09/2016 Re: Snit digest 225 / 2016-05-08
tmelmosfire (Snit) <> (

It's pretty much the exact same text, verbatim.
Oops again.