Snit Digest: Quote forging
We all know forging material is standard procedure with Snit. This latest digest shows how he forges some quotes.

I wrote to Snit that whenever he is willing to stop lying and trolling, I'd be glad to answer any question he has.

Snit replies by saying that he will not stop being "honest and honorable", which I of course didn't ask him to be. I would very much like to ask him to be honest and honorable, but that's not likely to happen.

Michael, already having deliberately misinterpreted what I said, is treated with a snippage of his trolling and since his denial means that he will not stop lying, I leave his "I will not stop". This is his technique, of course.

Here comes the funny part. Michael now paraphrases (Edwin-speak for lying) the two parts by stitching part of my response together with his full paragraph. I.e. he snips my response and restores the part I snipped out and then presents it as a quote. The difference between what I did in the preceding post and this is that he altered both the text in quotes and the response, producing a totally doctored and forged quote.

I follow-up with a quote created in the exact same manner

Snits calls my creatively snipped quote an "outright fabrication" and thereby admitting to his own trolling. Funny stuff! And even more fun is the fact that he seems to take pride in the fact that he "restored" what I had snipped, but neglects to mention that in order to make my response seem like an affermative to his passage, he had to also snip out parts of my response.
In short:
Whenever you feel you can stop lying and trolling, I'll be glad to tell you some of the things I feel are the USP's of Atlas.Sandman
I will not stop being honest and honorableSnit
When snipping away his deliberate misinterpretation, this became:
I will not stopSnit
Too bad. But if you would change your mind and want to stop lying and trolling, then I would gladly answer your questions, like I would any reasonable person.Sandman
In his "restoration", he also had to snip parts of my reply:
I will not stop being honest and honorable, no matter how you misrepresent it or what demands you make.Snit
Too bad.Sandman