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SubjectRe: How do I do this on Windows?
Date04/23/2004 01:36 (04/22/2004 16:36)
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Tim Smith
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No answer from me on how you do that with Windows, but I think the overall look of you site is done well, though perhaps a bit busy for my tastes. Perhaps if I could read any of it the site might not seem so. :)

Tim Smith
It does look a little visually busy, but the way he's got things organized tends to make things group together, so that wherever you happen to be looking is not too busy. The overall impression I get is of a lot of information cramed onto the page in a useful way (kind of like the better examples of reference cards...the best cram an incredible amount of useful information in, without making it feel crowded).

Fair enough... I do tend to prefer minimalist designs: Google instead of Yahoo for example.

I liked the rounded look of his sections. I think I'll have to steal that next time I overhaul my site. I too divide things into sections, but they aren't as pleasing as his...and my pages off the main page are pretty much just lists of items separated by horizontal lines. (, if anyone wants to look...some of the items in my "wacky links" section would probably amuse some of the more demented people here).

As far as the rounded corners - I agree that they work well. Not sure if I am in love with the rollovers in the main area on the left, but I do not think they take away from it.

Hard to say much bad about someone else's page when mine look... well... pretty bad:

and one that is a bit less bad (though IE for Windows messes up my index... I should redo it for that... ):