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SubjectRe: How do I do this on Windows?
Date04/25/2004 01:16 (04/24/2004 16:16)
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Jeffery Priddy
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Jim Polaski
The study also compared a number of hardware alternatives and proposed the following cost comparisons: DOS $8,980 Windows 3.1 $7,251 Windows 95 $6,530 Windows NT $6,516 Macintosh $5,075 UNIX $12,973

Considering that W2K is NT in a new coat of paint, this may just be not too far off even today.

Jeffery Priddy
No, Jim, you're completely wrong about that. Believe me, I have a lot of experience with NT4 and W2k, and W2k was a BIG improvement. Almost as big as OS 9 to OS X. NT was *extremely* picky about hardware and drivers, had a more limited HCL than 9x and W2k, and had no built-in support for USB or power management. W2k is very good IME WRT plug and play-- not perfect, but orders of magnitude better than NT for adding new hardware. I wouldn't be surprised if just the PnP and USB alone could push W2k's TCO way lower than NT's. And don't get me started about Active Directory and Group Policy-- anybody who knows how to leverage those well in a corporate environment can really improve their TCO, and the policy model for W2k is vastly richer than for NT4. At the risk of being blunt, I don't really think you know what you're talking about here.

Now, if you said that XP was W2k with a new coat of paint, I'd say that's not too far from the truth. But NT? No way, no how.

Jim doesn't know much about Windows, neither do many of the "advocates" here. His post is further proof of this fact. They'll either killfile you, call you stupid or insult you and your family in order to prove that they're right. Some are so emotional about it, it's pathetic.

LOL... even worse, if you really upset them by showing them all the lies you have found in their posts, they follow you around... just watch who responds to this post - a particularly nasty and bigoted troll is sure to do so.

I know nothing about NT or W2K and I've never had an opinion about it. OTOH, IME, XP is just as easy to use, as easy to learn and as stable as OS X and I'm using both OSs.

Oh no... I disagree with you! The troll in question will go crazy!

I do think that XP is better than 98 both in terms of stability and, with the common task panel, ease of use. I do not think it is designed as well as OS X in many areas. Then again there are places where XP has OS X beat.

I know you have seen it Nicolas, but I do not know if the original poster has... my comparison site:

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