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SubjectRe: How do I do this on Windows?
Date04/21/2004 22:49 (04/21/2004 22:49)
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If you go to my homepage ( you'll see at the bottom right four lines of information (with four different icons).

No answer from me on how you do that with Windows, but I think the overall look of you site is done well, though perhaps a bit busy for my tastes. Perhaps if I could read any of it the site might not seem so. :)

In any case, I spend a bit of time looking at your pics... is that all your art work? There is a lot to like there...

Duke Robillard
Yeah, that is one good looking site.

Why thank you. Nice to hear.

Not that I think you care - but here are some more sites I make: - My companysite - Communitysite for console games - Communitysite for game servers - Site for a IRC channel

Makes me wish I read Swedish.

Nah, nothing important to actually read on it. :)

-- Sandman[.net]