• Nashton


    I own an iPhone
  • Snit


    By the way, did you know you cannot even block comments with YouTube? There used to be a Firefox extension but it no longer works. YouTube has actively disabled all extensions which tried to do that.
  • Snit


    And with that, I will let you [..] while I focus, mostly, on tech.

    Oh pretty please, why don't you? But why only "mostly"?
  • Snit


    GreyCloud would see much the same: both of you have been posting mostly about me (or your fantasies of me) or just with insults about me for likely 90% of your posts or more. I would say even 50% would be sign of obsession.
  • Snit


    > We know you're not interested in reasoned debate.

    Sure I am. Let us discuss

    And when I respond to all the points in his post, he ignores that response altogether. So much for wanting to discuss!
  • Snit


    Years later you are going on and on... I noted your CSS did not validate (oh no!) and you dishonesty denied it.

    Snit drags up a lie of his from *eleven years* ago
  • Snit


    > So in effect on 1/1/17 we all just met.
    > Nobody knows anybody and we start from square one.
    > So who is game?


    Snit agrees that on january 1st 2017, all old grudges are off and he'll treat everyone like he just met them.
  • Snit


    I let Owl know I only had one instance of terminal running (you can have two but it is not the norm... so uncommon Sandman said it was not even possible).

    Which I never said, of course
  • Snit


    Happy to help... at its best THIS is what COLA should be about.
  • MuahMan


    2:29:57 PM GMT-5 on 7/10/17 Set the Alarm on your Apple Watch (2015 Casio Calculator Watch).

    Muahman predicts when the iPad will be discontinued
  • nospam


    at iso 3276800, there simply aren't enough photons hitting the sensor
    to produce a quality image, even with an ideal sensor and ideal amp.

    nospam thinks a specific ISO setting denotes how many photons hit the sensor.
  • Snit


    I use a Usenet provider that does not post my IP, but I do not use any such anonymizer service for Usenet.

    A proven lie since it has been shown that he has used TOR to post to usenet.
  • Snit


    The comment is not from anyone in my family...

    Snit claims that a comment from a FB profile named Anne Glasser that has his brother and sister marked as relatives are not from his wife, but "probably" from Steve Carroll
  • Snit


    Returning context you either accidently or purposely remove is not a lie, no matter how much you guys try to twist it.

    Snit lies about returning context when he in fact forged the context by inserting text in his followup that wasn't present in the original post
  • Snit


    I respond because it amused me

    Snit says the reason for his long trolling threads is for his own amusement
  • nospam


    it's not an insult when it's true.
  • nospam


    prove it wrong or stfu.
  • Floyd L. Davidson


    Usenet is an ascii text medium

    2006: "the default character set is changed from US-ASCII to UTF-8"
  • Nashton


    I must admit though that I am enjoying my jailbroken iPad and can't wait for the iOS 8 jailbreak.
  • Eric Stevens


    Make up your mind. You are the one who wrote "Supplying power != Power supply."

    Eric snips creatively to chop up my sentence and only responds to one part of it, here's me showing it to him: usenet.sandman.net...
  • PeterN


    As a former editor and professor, I would qualify as an expert in contemporary English usage in most courts.
  • Lewis


    I guarantee that Photos in 10.10 will have smart folders.
  • Nashton


    Thanks for asking but, she sold it on eBay. It was overheating.

    He hates it. Nothing but problems. The most recent one being the fact that he couldn't change his library in iTunes.

    In fact, she now has a Lumia 1020. iPhone? What iPhone?

    Nashton comments on his daughter's iMac, his son Macbook and his wife's iPhone
  • Tony Cooper


    An implication can be made with or without the intent to include an implied meaning.
  • Tony Cooper


    No, you support a claim by making a sensible claim in the first place.

    WTF? How dumb is he?
  • Eric Stevens


    That nospam claims this is evident from his writings.

    Eric says that what nospam writes is evident that he is claiming that his former workflow was inefficient. He was 100% unable to support this based on anything nospam had written, referring to "read the thread" and such.
  • Tony Cooper


    You could respond to what I said, not what I didn't say.
  • Tony Cooper


    it was a link or two or three. Weak substantiation, at that.

    Tony makes a claim about former substantiations made by me. I posted a reply quoting the onslaught of substantiations for my claim at the time. Tony's response: Silence.
  • Tony Cooper


    If it isn't stated, it's ignored.
  • Tony Cooper


    What he ignores is that in *all* purchases online, there is no sales help available.

    Absolute claim from Tony that points to a deliberate action from nospam, he has yet to provide any support for nospam ignoring this instead of any other reason for not mentioning it.
  • Nashton


    if the iPhone had a better camera and if the screen was a little bigger, close to the Nokia 1020, for example, I would buy it

    We'll see, we'll see
  • Tony Cooper


    Only Adobe can call a plug-in a "Photoshop Plug-in"
  • Tony Cooper


    they can approve vendors as suppliers of plugins for Photoshop. The plugins on that page are evidently plugins that Adobe has approved for use with Photoshop.

    Tony claims that there exists an approval process from Adobe with regards to using them with Photoshop
  • Tony Cooper


    All of the plug-ins I have for PS work in LR
  • Tony Cooper


    Lightroom accepts PS plug-ins.

    Which turned out to be false
  • Nashton


    Total savings: $15600 over 5 years, on a car that I would not have kept anyway beyond 5 years.

    I can go on 2 vacations a year on the money I'm saving

    Nashton vacation budget is $1,560 per trip. Living it large!
  • Eric Stevens


    All the succesful ones have engineering skills which help them get the best out of their cars.

    Eric is explicitly stating that *all* successful race car drivers have engineering skills. No exceptions.
  • Eric Stevens


    The problem in this case is that neither of you properly understand the meaning of 'protocol'.

    Eric jumps in to a thread making an explicit statement about another person's understanding of a word and has been 100% unable to provide support for this claim
  • Tony Cooper


    A requirement is what you want to do.
  • Nashton


    How's that landscape camera you spent a FORTUNE on

    Nashton thinks a Nikon D800E costs a fortune
  • Nashton


    Let's recaputilate
  • Nashton


    No, she is still using her 4s. Nokia was sold on Kijiji. She still likes her iPhone.
  • Nashton


    Wife updated her iPhone 4 to iOS 7.

    Ok, so now she has an iPhone 4
  • Nashton


    Wife updated to iOS7 on her iPhone 5

    So the wife now have an iPhone again? What happened to the Nokia?
  • Flint


    Boy this is quite a switch from the fanboys who used to claim Apple INVENTED USB

    Flint claims that people (as in plural) actually claimed that Apple invented USB. He won't support that claim of course, since it was an outright lie
  • Flint


    A compromised effort to salvage TB that is too little too late.

    Flint thinks it's too late to save Thunderbolt
  • Nashton


    In a few years, they won't even be making Macs, if Apple is still around.
  • Nashton


    My main tablet is an RT which kicks the pants of any Apple tablet I've had the mispleasure to use.

    Ok, so now he has a Microsoft Surface RT? What happened to the Asus and Blackberry tablets?
  • Nashton


    The Macs I currently use belong to a company, which owns them.Nashton
    Would that be a company you own?Lloyd
    I own the majority of shares in said company.

    Nashtons claims to not own any Macs, but that his company owns several Macs (2 iMacs and one Macbook Pro), that he uses on a daily basis.
  • Nashton


    My wife's 4s, hardly 2 years old, is showing signs of the battery draining too fast. There are times it won't turn on. She's really liking my Nokia 920-problem free.
  • Steve de Mena


    And it's universally praised here in this group, where probably no one besides myself actually has the money to buy or need one.

    Steve thinks he's the only one that can afford the new Mac Pro. haha!
  • Nashton


    They'll ;probably sell 500 of therm and then EOL them.

    Nashton claims Apple will sell no more than 500 of the new 2013 Mac Pro
  • Laszlo Lebrun


    I mean why can't you get it yourself?
  • Nashton


    Your beloved Chinese multinational can't even handle cloud services with its minuscule market share.

    Apple is a "Chinese multinational", huh?
  • Michael Patelmo


    It takes a big, heavy,boat like Dodge Charger an hour and a half to get from Oslo to Uppsala.

    But it only takes a Honda Accord 90 minutes.

    Wow - only 90 minutes! That Honda sure is faster! Hahahaha!
  • Nashton


    Nobody in their right minds considers an automobile an asset, unless your revenue is such that $15000 for a car is a significant amount in relation to your other real assets.


    Nashton, on a tireless quest to prove that he is totally illiterate
  • Michael Patelmo


    An asset doesn't depreciate the moment you buy it, Brain, it appreciates.
  • Nashton


    A car isn't an asset. It's liability, no matter what you buy.

    Nashton thinks a car is a liability, not an asset.
  • Michael Patelmo


    Curb weight:

    Dodge Charger 5350
    Honda Accord 3206

    A ton bigger!
  • Nashton


    My Nokia Lumia 920 takes the best low-light pics and already sports the best sensor-lens combo on a smartphone.

    Speaking of which, since I am off tomorrow (I only work 3 days a week), I will be going car shopping. I wonder what hab thinks of this one:


    This time, cash all the way.

    Nashton continues to try to brag about his possessions and... things he doesn't actually possess.
  • Nashton


    Still too much to pay for the toy [iPad].

    I wouldn't pay more than $250, tax included.

    Ah, so it's $250 now, it was $300 a while back.
  • Nashton


    the Nokia 920 is the greatest phone I've owned

    Ok, so he got a Nokia
  • Flint



    The downhill slide continues...

    Oh, another non-prediction from Flint :)
  • Flint


    An embedded "@" makes it a broken email link, moron. Just because you fangurlz expect the rest of the world's usenet newsreader software to follow some non-standard MT-Newswatcher convention for creating broken links, don't assume such links are proper.

    Haha, Flint thinks a Message-ID is a "broken email link" and that it's an MT-Newswatcher "convention".
  • Flint


    An email address link? Teeheeheheee! :)

    Flint actually thinks a Usenet Message-ID is an email address! Hilarious!!
  • Flint


    Vista doesn't 'break' drivers. It's the the responsibility of the driver vendor to *update* them in order to keep up with Vista.

    That's a keeper!
  • Nashton


    We (wife and myself) dumped our iPhones for this gem.

    So the wife does not have an iPhone, huh?
  • Nashton


    I still own Macs but...

    Funny for a guy that doesn't own Macs...
  • Nashton


    I don't own nor will I ever buy another Mac.

    Ok, so he doesn't own a Mac now, nor will he ever buy another Mac. Gotcha.
  • Nashton


    I just won an iPad [...] I set it up for my wife and played around with it. It felt so dated and limited and restrictive.

    Compared to Windows 8 on my Iconia tablet, it feels like crap.

    How unexpected
  • Nashton


    Have you actually held one?

    Nashton questions the opinion of a poster on the basis that he hasn't used the product he passes judgement on.
  • Flint


    I like my iPad2 very much, but I'd prefer a smaller tablet myself.
  • Nashton


    Apple will become a minority player in the near future as far as tablets are concerned.
  • Nashton


    My next phone: Either a new Blackberry or a Lumia 920.
  • Nashton


    Actually, I have 3 Playbooks now. One for each office, one for home. The Asus tablet serves as a music reader.

  • ed


    what [I] actually think is this isn't a big problem on phones, since the nexus devices are available if being on the latest version of android is a big deal to you

    Ed says that it's not a problem that most people can't update their relatively new Android phones to the latest version of Android since they can always buy a new phone that has it installed to begin with. Haha!
  • ed


    rolling out, so it looks like you'll be getting it.

    Ed claims that the Android 4.0 update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is "rolling out" in Europe
  • Snit


    he only engages me in a forum such as this where when I prove X he just snips it and then claims the exact opposite. Over and over since 2004.

    He must be talking about himself in third person :)
  • Nashton


    would you like to wager that I own more photographic gear than you can shake a stick at?

    He just can't stop trying to brag about his posessions! :)
  • Nashton


    I own a 1Ds Mark II with many L lenses and Leica-R lenses

    And Nashton keeps jumping into threads to brag about his posessions
  • Nashton


    Nobody is forging EXIF data little brown man

    No, not racist at all! :)
  • Michael Patelmo


    Laguna Seca is a glorified Go Kart course
  • Michael Patelmo


    I want to avoid moving out of a nice house and into a shithole

    Michael says that a $1,300 entry fee to Laguna Seca racing would force him to sell his house
  • Michael Patelmo


    Sorry, my budget won't permit Laguna Seca. Last week yes, but a worthless family member who is a Luzer much like you and of the same age bracket hit me up. Like you he didn't have money for his bills . They were going to turn off his phone and electric and he was late with his condo fees. He said he needed "A loan"

    MIichael can't afford the $1,300 entry fee to Laguna Seca racing because he had to "loan" his last money to a "wortless family member"
  • Michael Patelmo


    No, I have allocated my money elsewhere.

    Michael says his money is "allocated" elsewhere, so he can't afford a $1,300 cost of racing at Laguna Seca.
  • Michael Patelmo


    I can't afford Laguna Seca
  • Flint


    Ciao, it's been fun, but time to say "adios"...

    Have a good life! :)
  • Flint


    [Apples] growth/dominance of tablet space will slow/shrink thanks to upcoming 7" tablets from Amazon and Asus/Google.

    Oh, another prediction!
  • Nashton


    Of course I falsified the exif data
  • Nashton


    I've got the biggest snow blower money can buy. As you can see, I need it. It's attached to a honda 4-wheeler.

    Nashton keeps talking about his possessions
  • Nashton


    In Canada, with taxes and the luxury/gas guzzler tax, I paid 75,000 grand for it.

    Nashton math again. He actually paid 75 million dollars for the car!!
  • Nashton


    Whomever thinks [a tablet running Windows 8] cannot eat into Apple's market share needs their head examined.

    Ah, another prediction from Nashton!
  • Nashton


    10 " tablets are too big.

    Interesting, given the fact that Nashton has claimed his 10.1" Acer Iconia W500 is the only "real tablet".
  • Chance Furlong


    *Plonk* to you and Nick, Alan.

    Chance the idiot claims to killfile Alan.
  • Nashton


    My next phone: A BlackBerry.

    We'll see. We'll see.
  • AD


    installed xp sp2 on hd160hc and guess what? [...] with xp you get a user friendly os [..]

    Uh, come again?
  • Nashton


    The iPad will go the way of the Mac, with a minuscule market share

    Could we get some form of timeframe for this?
  • Nashton


    Wait until the [Kindle] Fire becomes available worldwide. In today's economy, hype notwithstanding, $200 for a device to surf the web and keep ones mind occupied with silly games, is all most people will pay for.

    Oh, we're down to $200 now from $300 from just a month ago :)
  • Flint


    Expect that market segment of keyboard dockable tablets to grow in size even more once Win 8(ARM) hits, silly.

    Yes, let's expect that, shall we? :)
  • Nashton


    Even RIM scored big with its heavy discounts on Playbooks. Anything more than $300 is a rip off for a mass produced device such as the iPad. Like all fads it will become a niche player if history repeats itself and it usually does.

    Nashton predicts the demise of yet another Apple product
  • Nashton


    So much for Macs in business.


    Doesn't he use Macs in his business?
  • Nashton


    Playbook doing just fine. Right now, all I do on it is billing and play games.
  • Nashton


    Excuse me if I live on a 4 acre lot.

    Nashton keeps trying to brag about his possessions :-D
  • Nashton


    You are a fanboi, therefore you are biased, therefore whatever you post that puts Apple is a positive light should be scrutinized.

    You have no proof. If you do, post it or accept that what you wrote is nothing but biased propaganda and probably a lie.

    Nashton comments about an anecdotal story and claims it probably is a lie because Alan didn't provide proof that it actually happened as it was told to him. Hilarious :)
  • Nashton


    No pics/proof = lies from a fanboi.

  • Tommy Troll


    Hard to tell, maybe 1-2 product life cycles, 2-3 years?

    Tom predicts that Apple will reach the climax of their products in 2-3 years and it will decline after that.
  • Nashton


    Posting from a 17 inch Macbook Pro. At home, I have a Cube (fileserver), 3 15 inch iMacs and an i7 iMac. I own 2 iPhones, one 3GS another 4G. Until recently I had a great Xserve G3 chugging along for years. Still use my Pismo on occasion.

    Ironically, Nashton spends an awful lot of time in csma complaining about people that talk about what they own or have, accusing them of bragging.
  • Laszlo Lebrun


    a Dell or Fujitsu blade cabinet of half that size fitted with professional server blades would deliver twice the performance for 1/3 of the price.

    Michel claims that half a cabinet with server blades is twice the performance and one third the price of a cabinet of Mac minis. Yeah, he is that stupid.
  • Nashton


    It renders it useless. It's a paid advertisement at worst and the ramblings of a fanboi, much like yourself, at best.

    Nashton claims that an article that makes the statement that a product would be good for "nearly all Mac users" is useless since the author of the article isn't aware of individual Mac users needs. Yes, he said that.
  • Snit


    The answer: you cannot tie apps to a specific space. The concept of spaces / virtual desktops has been redefined.

    Snit makes an explicit claim about how something works, which turns out to be false. As usual.
  • Nashton


    Can this be a harbinger of great things to comes, in terms of sales and general market success? You bet.

    Nashton claims that the US government approving the playbook for use means that it (the Playbook) will have great sales and general market success
  • MuahMan


    I'm 6', 180, and could kick Europe's ass single handedly.

    You're 182cm tall and weighs 81kg? My god you're tiny.
  • ed


    at least you're right on this one. :D this *is* one game i enjoy- it *seriously* amuses me how you have such a difficult time admitting it when you're wrong.

    Ed expects Alan to admit that he was wrong about grid points being cell tower positions, yet Ed himself made a claim about them being wifi spots, which incidentally also were incorrect, yet he doesn't have to admit to being wrong. The Ed game!
  • Nashton


    I trust RIM a lot more than Apple to not EOL a product without notice.

    Without notice, huh?
  • Muahman


    Tablets are a fad and will fade to nothing within a couple of years
  • Edwin


    Yes they will. Amazon doesn't put just anything on pre-order, only the stuff they know will fly off their shelves.

    Edwin claims that the Asus Slate, with 3hours battery life, will "fly off the shelfs"
  • ed


    sorry, i don't feel i performed a personal attack

    Ed calls KDT's statement "retarded" and argues that it's not a personal attack
  • Nashton


    Can't get my eyes of the 27 inch new iMac that Apple was so graceful to offer for *free*, replacing a 3 year-old computer that had a few
    overheating issues.

    Everything worked flawlessly, from the migration assistant to setting up all the peripherals.
  • Edwin


    Taken as the killer of the netbook and the Kindle, as a revolutionary new computing device, [the iPad] is a complete dud, an overpriced, over-hyped POS that can't multitask or play Flash.

    Saved for later :)
  • Edwin


    Why don't you try checking your facts for once before you post? Those remarks are on this group. What am I supposed to do, read the group for you and email you a synopsis every day?

    Whenc laiming that someone has written something on csma, and Edwin wants you to show where, this is what you reply :)
  • Snit


    I do not make unsupported accusations.

  • MuahMan


    You're thinking more of Hyundai. Built in some slave labor camp with cheap components to build a few base models.

    Oh the irony!
  • Snit


    Also true of Porsche and Rolodex. :)

    Snit responds to someone saying that Macs are expensive, so he says that that is also true for Porsche and *Rolodex*, not Rolex, but Rolodex, the desktop contact manager appliance :)
  • Snit


    For whatever reason, his CSS not validating set him off. Really wounded his ego to have it pointed out in public that he had - gasp! - invalid CSS

    Snit brakes his "promise" to not bring up the CSS issue yet again
  • Snit


    Soon my semester starts again and I will not be responding to Steve Carroll, Sandman, HPT, Wally, or Tim Adams

    Oh, glorious! When is soon?
  • Snit


    do not just keep repeating yourself.

    Coming from the cut'n'paste master himself :)
  • Snit


    Sandman insists that the CS4 suite is for beginners.

    Snit lies about what I've said, again.
  • Snit


    I have no obligation to quote your trolling.

    As we would have no obligation to quote his trolling.
  • Snit


    Seriously: I would love to see the back and forth BS just stop.

    So why do he keep posting new threads about it?
  • Snit


    Can we both agree to just let the CSS issue *go* and to not lash out based on it?

    Snit needs the other party to agree to let an issue go, he can not do it by himself.
  • Snit


    starting now I shall not mention it again unless you do.

    Snit claims to never mention his CSS lies unless I mention them first, which I've never done in the past. These issues have always been brought up by Snit
  • Snit


    You are what you eat!

    Snits claims to eat poultry feces, eew..
  • MuahMan


    God damned cancer. Why we research any other disease is beyond me. Seems like half the planet has some form of cancer. Either find a fucking cure or find out what the fuck is causing it.

    My condolences as well.

  • Edwin


    > It won't kill the Mini. Apple might, but the Eee Box won't.

    Sure it will.

    Edwin, again, explicitly claims that a PC product will kill an Apple product.
  • Edwin


    > So -- by your own definition -- Windows PCs have been "mere peripherals
    > of an MS Exchange Server" for many years now...

    Sure, why not?

    Edwin claims that PCs are peripherals. Hehe.
  • Snit


    I've been booted off by past providers before because people complain about me and all my bullshit. I don't want to lose my ISP *again* but I still need my army of sock puppets so I continually search usenet for whatever servers I haven't yet been booted from.
  • Snit


    I did post as sigmond and create that sex webpage starring elizabot... what of it?

    We know
  • Edwin


    My computer would only boot into safe mode after I installed SP3.

    And the problem - third party, of course! Never Microsofts fault. :)
  • Mayor of R


    This is like demanding proof that the sky is blue.

    Just say this when asked for references for a claim you made, works all the time!
  • Snit


    In 2004 as a reply to Mackay's lies about an email he claimed to get from me I noted the company the *IP* address of his post came from and noted that it might make sense to alert that company

    Snit says that the intentions to drag up the company info of a poster was to expose a potential imposter or at least improper conduct.
  • Snit


    If I did make such a post I will apologize.

    Of course he made such a post (as Mackay showed in his followup), and of course he didn't apologize.
  • Edwin


    My Zune 30 is most definitely NOT a brick.

    So he has a Zune? Ok.
  • Edwin


    Leopord is two years late. It was announced in June of 2005.

    Edwin says that a product is late if its not shipping immediately after it has been announced
  • Edwin


    He said them indirectly.

    Edwin attributes a quote (using quote marks) to Tim which Tim has never written, but thinks it ok by claiming that he said it "indirectly".
  • Edwin


    Let's see Apple sell a million iPhones next quarter...

    Yeah. let's see...
  • Edwin


    Seeing how Zune has 11%, and rising, of the market

    Edwin claims that Zune has 11% of the market, which incidentally is the hard drive based market, not including flash players.... Or mp3-playing cell phones.
  • Edwin


    this will take iPod sales away.

    Edwin thinks people will buy Halo 3-themed Zunes instead of iPods.
  • Edwin


    Buying a used Mac with software on its HD, and no original software disks, and using that installed software, is piracy.
  • Edwin


    You're a software pirate. Many Mac owners are.

    How about those explicit claims!
  • Edwin


    Apple makes the highest profits in the industry.

    Cool. Apple is making this highest profits in the business! That's pretty awesome.
  • Edwin


    IOW, you're yet another Apple Fan Boy who only pays Apple lip service.

    Edwin claims that someone who doesn't buy everything they advocate is just paying "lip service". That in spite of Edwin posting lots of things about products he never bought. Like the PSP or Nokia N800 or a lot of other competing products
  • Edwin


    IOW, it is Intel technology. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Edwin is on record for saying that since Intel bought something from someone, the technology is theirs, and thereby admitting that things Apple has acquired is thus Apple technology (such as the NeXT parts of OSX).
  • Peter Hayes


    What is mind-numbing is the thought of the billions of man-hours lost thanks to the billions of reboots every month just to install security updates.

    If these lost man-hours had been put to productive use, most of the planet's basic problems would be solved.

    The basic problems of our entire world remains due to security patches for Windows. Damn you Bill Gates!!
  • Edwin


    Activations have not increased over the initial 146,000.

    Edwin claims that in an entire month, no more iPhone has been activated. Not even one.
  • Edwin


    I admire Bill Gates

    We know :)
  • Edwin


    > [Apples] stock is already back up.

    But iPhone activations are not.

    Edwin claims that in one month, AT&T hasn't activated a single phone since there hasn't been any announcement since their quarterly report.
  • Edwin


    If the iPod is compared against any and all music players its share is abysmal.

    "Abysmal" is the word!
  • Snit


    Once someone clarifies their views it should be accepted

  • Snit


    Do your best to show where I have been shown to be wrong and have not admitted to it.

    So why do he deny it every time?
  • Snit


    When I make mistakes I am happy to admit to them

  • Edwin


    Upon rereading your original post, I see that I have been mistaken in what I wrote. I apologize for my mistaken accuastions and insults.

    Two posts earlier in the same thread, he posted this: "I always read what is posted" :)
  • Snit


    I just want the BS to stop. Please. Sandman, will you join me in that?

    Yet he will not agree upon it when I stated that I wanted to join him in that.
  • Snit


    You snipped my sentences to pieces and then pretended the second part of a
    sentence did not exist as you responded to the first.

    Snit whines about being treated the way he treats others.
  • Snit


    I have *never* said one is obligated to respond to every point in a post or every question.

    Yet he whines when people snip away parts of his post and claims they are "snipping and running".
  • Snit


    What is 2+2?
    What is 1+3?
    What is 4-2?
    What is 3-1?

    And for someone to answer: all the answers are 2.

    Snit shows his math skills.
  • Snit


    Prove nobody has said that, Sandman... either in CSMA or in my email.

    Snit implies that people have killfiled him and then emailed him and told him that they killfiled him because he was "challenging the trolls" instead of him being a troll. Funny stuff
  • Snit


    This, really, is the reason I come to CSMA...

    Snit helps someone with a issue with spotlight and then states that doing such things is the reason he comes to CSMA, yet he spends 99% of his time in the group doing something other than the reason he comes there for. Strange.
  • Edwin


    "...for a total of 119.5 million portable MP3 players. Apple's market share of devices sold in 2005 is not 78%, it is 18.8%. "

    Edwin quotes a source that claims that iPods market share is 20%, not 80%, since there are lots of mobile phone that also plays mp3's. By that logic, Windows is not the dominant operating system since there are billions of operating systems in cell phones, vcr's, pvr's, game consoles and so on that's not Windows.
  • Edwin


    They know once the MS bulldog sinks its teeth in it never lets go.
    It's only a matter of time before Zune kills the iPod.

    Edwin predicts that the Zune will kill the iPod
  • Edwin


    It's advertisement of commercial products, regardless of your spin or your denials.

    Edwin claims that a post that links to an interesting product is spam, off-topic and an advertisement
  • Edwin


    When the smoke clears, the last Troll standing is... The Mighty EdWIN.

    Edwin celebrates "winning" over another troll
  • Snit


    You should take one of my IT classes some day.

    Why don't he take them himself? :)
  • Snit


    None of you can be honest... you are all pathetic.

    What does that make him?
  • Snit


    You do not think it is excessive that Sandman comments about me on over 100
    pages on his site!

    Coming from the guy that comments Sandman 1050 times on the same website. Ironic.
  • Tom Elam


    Happy Birthday to my Dell!

    Tom Elam celebrates the "birthday" of his PC. Insane.
  • tom_elam@earthlink.net


    We already own 96% of the world's computers, now we are going after the rest.

    Tom Elam identifies with the Windows platform
  • Nashton


    12 PC formatted iPods were bought at Wallmart. 5 of the 15 were Mac formatted, 10 were PC formatted.

    Nashton is trying to be sarcastic about math and can't decide whether he wants to talk about 12 or 15 iPods. Classic
  • Edwin


    His lack of argument means he accepts the idea as true

    Edwin says that if you don't argue something, you accept it as truth
  • Edwin


    Any attempt to reason with Mac Advocates is doomed to end in frustration.

    When did he try that?
  • Nashton


    The author is vague and obviously a fanatical Apple lackey that would try anything to discredit MS.

    Nicolas calls Paul Thurrott an "Apple lackey"
  • Edwin


    A claim based on ignorance is a lie.

    Edwin admits to lying all the time in csma
  • Nashton


    I spent 215 $ on three great ipods

    Nashton buys iPods in spite of earlier post about not buying iPods.
  • John C. Randolph


    Very interesting first-hand account:


    Microsoft uses Macs in-house for UI design reference.
  • Edwin


    You gave what you assumed contained what the poster wanted. You had no idea if any 0S 9 software was really on that site or not.

    Edwins claims that Alan Baker did not know that www.versiontracker.com contains links to OS9 software when Alan offered that link to the question where someone can find OS9 software.
  • Snit


    How do you know how good or bad of a teacher Snit is? Are you a student of his who got a bad grade? If so that would explain a lot about you.

    Snit posts using his Brock McNuggets email address but his Snit name, using a TOR proxy
  • Edwin


    What good looking GUI does Darwin have? Not Mac OS X.

    According to Edwin, OSX isn't a GUI for Darwin.
  • Edwin


    It's BSD Unix with Apple's APIs and GUI on top of it.

    Wait a minute, didn't you say it wasn't BSD? :-D
  • Snit


    You found two of my websites... one of which I often post links to.
    How about my pro ones you keep running to?

    Snit claims to have "pro websites" that no one in csma has seen, but Sandman is "running to". So Snit claims Sandman is aware of these pro websites but Snit can't give us the URL to any of them.
  • Sandman


    During the time span between 2006-06-18 and 2006-06-22 Snit flooded www.sandman.net with no less than 270 977 requests! That's almost three hundred THOUSAND times!

    Snit floods Sandmans site almost three thousand times.
  • Edwin


    It's a moot point. There are no more Macs. Apple builds Wintel PCs
    now, and installs BSD Unix on them.

    The Mac is DEAD! Long live the PC!

    Edwin claims that Apple has stopped selling Macs.
  • Edwin



    Neither was the 1984 Mac.

    Edwin claims that the original Mac wasn't for the masses.
  • Edwin


    Derek has admitted 1991 was the last time he had a PC. So he's not qualified to say what has been true "since" then.

    Edwin admits that his comments about Macs are invalid
  • Sandman


    I'm letting you know that you can now submit quotes to the Relational Troll Scoring.

    I announce the RTS and invite Snit to add quotes
  • Sandman


    One paragraph, four lies. Done. What do I win?

    Snit loses his challenge for Sandman
  • Edwin


    Mark my words, history will record that if Apple had co-operated with Real, and with other hardware makers, they would have sold less iPods, but kept their dominance of the portable music online sales. Now Apple is on its way to becoming just as small a niche player in portable music as it is in GUI computers.

    Right, how is that working out?
  • Snit


    please support your claims of who does and does not have any network of people calling whoever names...

    Snit asks me nicely to create the Relational Troll Scoring system, and I obliged
  • Edwin


    "As a WYSIWYG editor, Dreamweaver can hide the details of pages' HTML code from the user, making it possible for non-experts to easily create web pages and sites. Some web developers criticize this approach as producing HTML pages that are much larger than they should be, which can cause web browsers to perform poorly. This can be particularly true because the application makes it very easy to create table-based layouts. In addition, some web site developers have criticized Dreamweaver in the past for producing code that often does not comply with W3Cstandards. However, Macromedia has increased the support for CSS and other ways to layout a page without tables in later versions of the application."

    Edwin supports the notion that Dreamweaver is a tool for beginners
  • NashtOn


    I showed my kids this info and are now going to sell their iPods on ebay. I tried to explain that Apple is no different than any other company, putting profit before anything else and that it would resort to anything to make a buck, but they were extremely disappointed and are going to stay with products made either in the EU or North America.

    I think we all should do that, before each and every one of our jobs is exported to central Asia.

    Boycott Asian products if you want your kids to have a prosperous life.

    Nashton advocates never buying iPods
  • Snit


    your CSS does not validate correctly

    Snit lies about my CSS code not validating
  • Edwin


    They're playing games with statistics. They treat all variations of iPod as if it were the same model, and all models of competing players as if they were different things.

    Ironic, since Edwin later wanted all Blackberry models to be counted as one when comparing to the iPhone.
  • Edwin


    I use Avast AV, the Yahoo anti-spy toolbar, the MS anti-spy software, Windows SP2 with its firewall, AdAware, Spybot Search and Destroy, and SpywareBlaster. All free, all excellent, none of them any bother to set up or use.

    Edwin, advocating Windows.... ahem.
  • Edwin


    Spotlight is a database application.

    Uh, right...
  • NashtOn


    You can obviously afford to have an expensive car, actually many of them *and* enjoy other activities without breaking the bank. Good for you, it
    pleases me when others do well :)
  • NashtOn


    I'd love to own a Lexus but with kids (many of them) -and some of them on the verge of starting undergraduate studies- I simply cannot afford
    cars of this ilk.
    And I've heard Lexus dealerships are quite snooty. Guess it was true after all;) Another reason to avoid expensive cars.
  • Snit


    Tim Adams posted the same desperate list of lies he posted yesterday.
    Apparently he has found the cut and paste feature of his computer. Way to
    go Tim!

    Ironic considering the sheer amount of pasting in old issues Snit has been doing over the years
  • Snit


    I do not see any *logical* reason to disallow incest
  • Nashton


    I am also taking this opportunity to apologies for anything I might have said that was out of line and hurtful as this is not my MO.
  • Sandman


    I'm betting the entire Snit circus, but I haven't kept up with your latest posts, so maybe I'm wrong.

    I coin the phrase "Snit Circus". It stuck. :)
  • Snit


    I admit I have posted under the name Sigmond.
  • Snit


    I am still waiting for the criteria.
  • Snit


    Would you be so kind to provide a link that the post where you did so?

    Snit asks again to be given an objective criteria
  • Snit


    What is your objective criteria for calling someone a troll?

    Snit asks me to tell him the objective criteria to call someone a troll
  • Snit


    Thanks. That much more impressive in my eyes...

    Snit says that it's much more impressive to use a text editor (BBEdit in my case) to make web pages than using a WYSIWYG editor like DreamWeaver
  • Snit


    Hmmmmm.... I wonder who would get the e-mail if I sent it to mailto:

    hey.... I could try or

    Snit contemplates contacting the workplace of a csma poster, and expressing doubts that the receiver would be the same person as the csma poster. Hmm, sound familliar?
  • Mayor of R


    Generally I turn it down until it isn't making any noise. This is good for most times. If I'm doing some rendering in Bryce or trueSpace I turn it all the way up.

    Mayor talks about the knob on the front of his PC that he has to manually use to adjust the fan speed. And he seems to think it's a good idea.
  • Snit


    I have no idea who Sigmond is. Maybe someone who snuck into my house.

  • Snit


    Not only do I lie about what others are claiming, I show evidence from the records.

    Well, what can you say...
  • Edwin


    All that video shows is the progress bar resuming. It only reports what's been flushed from the disk cache.

    Hehe, whatever that means... :)
  • Edwin


    The fact a hard drive needs 30 seconds to spin up is a physical limitation of the HD

    Indeed, Edwin. Indeed
  • Edwin


    [snip of irrelevant picture files.]

    Edwin snips the URl to a mpeg movie :-D
  • Edwin


    Apple beat Wintel to market with 64 bit personal computers
  • Edwin


    I really don't want to see Macs smashed. That was just a troll.

    Nooo? Seriously? A troll? Who would have though?
  • Edwin


    It is Mac OS X, not BSD.

    Yeah, right :)