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One for all

A common technique of the troll is to use "One for all" logic and it is commonly expressed by replying to a poster and claiming that it is in contradiction to earlier views. Usually the earlier views are attributed to "you guys" which is an unnamed and unreferenced group of people that supposedly was in agreement over this contradicting view, and it is implied (but never outright claimed, nor supported) that the current poster is or was part of this group of people.
The technique is fragile, and any request for substantiation of the alleged contradicting material from the past is usually met with silence, and if it is not, it is almost always a post from another poster than the current one, with the only thing binding these views together would be that both posters are part of this "you guys" group that seemingly only exists in the trolls mind.
And apart from being fragile, it's a pretty weak technique since given the passage of times, views are bound to change as that's when happens when the parameters for the view change. Someone who hated Ford a year ago may like it now when X has changed, which wouldn't constitute a contradiction.