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- an intentionally false statement
- used with reference to a situation involving deception or founded on a mistaken impression
Obfuscating is the act of twisting words and meanings around so they mean something else than what they were intended for. Lying is making false statements. Both are untrue, but they differ in execution.
A troll often has no option other than to lie in order to further his agenda. Especially when he's lost all arguments.
Even mistakes can evolve into outright lies over time. If a troll makes a claim that is false, and that claim is challenged, the troll has two options; either support the claim or retract it. There is no middle-ground there.
If failing to do both, and sticking to the claim as if it is true, then troll is making a claim he knows he cannot support and refuses to retract, than it becomes a lie. Often, the claim is about someone else, the troll is claiming that he said or did something. The subject of that claim is then challenging the claim, knowing whether or not it is true, and when the troll refuses to retract it, it becomes a lie.