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  • 08/06/2006
    Man, you've stooped to a new low. zara and muhahaman must have gotten to you. You used to be a decent troll. Now you're juts dog shit.
  • 07/17/2006
    No you won't. You'll just find another reason not to. You really are a pompous ass.
  • 03/31/2006
    This coming a guy who's been trolling on CSMA since the mid 90s?
  • 03/31/2006
    This coming a guy who's been trolling on CSMA since the mid 90s?
  • 12/29/2005
    Seeing as I only hang around here when I have nothing better to do I have not been paying much attention to trolls. But I have to point out that Tom Elam is a classic and veteran anti-Mac bigoted troll in this group, excellent fodder for anyone seeking someone to nominate. Personally, I keep him on my kill list as I have never known him to say anything intelligent or useful. But he sure is great at hateful and ignorant!
  • 12/29/2005
    I've killfiled him too. Got a URL to your favorite Tom Elam post for us?
  • 12/29/2005
    What can I say... consistency is the word here. This man is
    consistently boring and unimaginative (sorry Tom, it had to be said again). You could be much better because you're are naturally the kind of person others love to hate. You're just not using all your tools, pal. With that said... I have to look at his ability to stir things up with his silly bullshit. If this were just a numbers game you'd be right
    there, Tom.
  • 09/11/2005
    By posting the same drivel NINE times (at least) under different subject headings. Elam needs help, desperately and quickly.
  • 06/07/2004
    Yes, but Tom Elam is dead boring. :-(
  • 04/11/2004
    The true troller throws out the bait and waits for a nibble. However,
    the troller does not bow to the temptation to engage in a meaningful
    debate, he just sits back and watches the hooked fish (plural,
    hopefully) reply to his meaningless posting. It's basically a power
    trip - how much thrashing about can I get out of the fish for the
    little morsel I throw at them?

    Tom Elam, Ace Troller
Scoring: 16.40
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