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Eric Stevens
SubjectRe: Paintshop and Corel
FromEric Stevens
Date11/28/2013 01:38 (11/28/2013 13:38)
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On 26 Nov 2013 22:37:49 GMT, Sandman <>wrote:

In article <261120131713543842%nospam@nospam.invalid>, nospam wrote:

Few, if any, developers would call this a protocol. It's just conditional code. And I fear that nospam's suspicion was correct, you're way out of your league here because you're ignorant about the technical nature of these things. Maybe "protocol" is your way to make sense, in your head, for a series of steps taken by the software that you don't understand how it is done? No shame in that, you're in good company if you know nothing about the tech trivia of computers.

he thinks he knows more than he does and this isn't the first time and is certainly not going to be his last.

I just think he's a troll that will take all and every chance to create an argument and be condescending, not to forget; spew ad hominems until he can't breathe.

The fact that both you and I are tech savvy means that we question his usage and/or defintions of certain tech related terms, which just spins him way out of control.

The problem in this case is that neither of you properly understand the meaning of 'protocol'.

Sorry. --


Eric Stevens

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