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SubjectRe: Calumet files Chapter 7
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Date03/28/2014 18:58 (03/28/2014 13:58)
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Tony Cooper
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For example, a while back you said you provided an "onslaught" of substantiation about something or other. I accept "onslaught" as a word, and it's in the dictionary, but not with the meaning you seemed to have in mind.

Yes, I know you're ignorant about the word "onslaught".

onslaught noun - a fierce or destructive attack: a series of onslaughts on the citadel. - a large quantity of people or things that is difficult to cope with

Note, particularly, example number 2.

Tony Cooper
If you found that definition, and still feel that "onslaught" is the right word choice to describe a few cites of supposed "substantiation", then your case is more hopeless than I first thought.

Perhaps a virtual inundation of substantiations was meant to imply a metaphoric onslaught. ...maybe a flood, or even a plethora of substantiations might end up described so?

It was hardly an inundation. I don't recall the specifics, but it was a link or two or three. Weak substantiation, at that. He has a different idea of what "substantiation" means than I do.

An individual can unleash an onslaught of posts, but that implies a very large quantity of posts. And, that's what we call "spamming".

"Onslaught" is usually reserved for what other people do, and masses of other people rather than one person. It's also usually chosen to mean something negative. For example, there was an onslaught of objections to Miley Cyrus's "twerking" performance. When it's a description of a large number of positive responses, we're more likely to say something like "a flood of supporting tweets".

Words can be like spices in cooking. A good cook knows which spices to use and how much spice to add to a particular dish.

-- Tony Cooper - Orlando FL

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