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Date08/29/2014 23:14 (08/29/2014 18:14)
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Lloyd Parsons
I've said I wasn't happy with the path Apple is taking with Yosemite, And I wasn't enamored of the look and feel of iOS7 for the same reasons. Skinny font, little contrast and shades of pastel. All make It difficult on my eyes.

So, is there some reason why you're not selecting a bold font, and higher contrast in the accessability settings on your iPhone?

Lloyd Parsons
I played around with lots of settings. Never found a combo I liked enough on anything but the retina screen. Unfortunately the MBPr is usually connected to an external monitor.

Macbook? I was in reference to your iPhone above.

Lloyd Parsons
Same difference, smaller screen just exacerbates the issues.

Uh, no - you said "skinny font" and "little contrast", which can be set in the settings. I asked why those settings didn't help you. It's what they are there for, after all.

Lloyd Parsons
What I found is that if you go to accessibility, they are in general overkill and make things uglier. Just an opinion.

Of course, but you specifically said the font was skinny and the contrast was low - both of which can be fixed in the settings. If you don't think the font is "pretty" enough, there is no setting for that. I have a legitimate fix for your specific complain, so you either have more untold complains or you have no tried the fix.

Lloyd Parsons
Did you miss where I said I had tried that already? I fiddled with all that crap on the phone and iPad when iOS7 got installed on them. Bottom line was that it wasn't an 'improvement'. Yes easier to read, But uglier imo.

There are intangibles that cannot be put into words. What becomes the proverbial final straw can be a number of things. A string of unreliable hardware, the lack of innovation, the arrogance of the company, the cash hoarding, the far and disdain of being caught in some closed garden dictated by the biggest tech company in the word.

You had your reasons for switching and I had mine. I don't hold grudges but you did say a lot of nasty things about how "windows has rotted my brain", how "my problems weren't real" and the list goes on. I sincerely hope you never *ever* encounter a glitch and that your computing experience will be free of problems and headaches as mine has become.

But it really doesn't matter at this point. The iPhone 5 is in Verizon's hot little hands and the HTC One is in mine!! :)

The die is cast...

For the sound of it - needlessly so.

Lloyd Parsons
Not at all.

But then again I'm at the stage of my life where 'needs' aren't all That big a thing. It is wants.

Well said. So far (fingers crossed) my switch to Windows has been without any hiccups or negative experiences. I must admit though that I am enjoying my jailbroken iPad and can't wait for the iOS 8 jailbreak.