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SubjectRe: Google Copying Apple.....Almost as bad as Samsung
Date07/02/2014 11:49 (07/02/2014 06:49)
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On 2014-07-02 5:31 AM, Harry Mudd the Anti-Fanboy wrote:

Harry Mudd the Anti-Fanboy
On 7/1/2014 10:53 PM, KDT wrote:

Did it ever occur to you, CLOD, that some people actually don't like macs and Apple because of real world problems, or is it that difficult to wrap your mind around that fact? ----- So how is your daughter enjoying "the piece of fecking crap" iMac that you gave her?

Thanks for asking but, she sold it on eBay. It was overheating.

How is your son enjoying his MacBook he bought against your advice?

He hates it. Nothing but problems. The most recent one being the fact that he couldn't change his library in iTunes.

How is your wife enjoying her iPhone after she threw away the Nokia you tried to push off on her?

In fact, she now has a Lumia 1020. iPhone? What iPhone?

And how are you enjoying being a bottom-feeding member of the working poor, barely surviving on what you earn and wishing you hadn't moved out of your parents' basement?

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