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Date03/18/2014 17:35 (03/18/2014 13:35)
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Alan Baker
People want what they can't have. For many of those living in emerging markets, that's an iPhone.

Apple just introduced a lower cost iPhone 5C. <>. But it's still a lot more expensive than comparable Android phones.

Setting aside price, a lot of the loss of market share for iOS is due to Apple being so late with specific features. They were very late with LTE and you still can't do simultaneous voice and LTE data on an iPhone like you can with Android phones. On GSM carriers you can do w-CDMA data and GSM Voice, but on CDMA carriers (the 1st and 3rd largest U.S. carriers) you still can't do simultaneous voice and data at all on an iPhone (other than with Wi-Fi) but Android LTE phones don't have this limitation. And of course they are two years late with larger screened iPhones; perhaps this is because they are worried that offering larger screened "Phablets" would negatively affect iPhone sales.

Hopefully the iPhone 6 will correct both of these issues because not being able to compete at either the high end or the low end is not a sustainable business plan.

This is old news, sms at least to those who are inclined enough to inform themselves concerning the various pros and cons of smartphones.

In spite of all this, the response time of the iPhone screen is much faster than that of even the best Android phones and the GUI is preferred by many.

Personally, if the iPhone had a better camera and if the screen was a little bigger, close to the Nokia 1020, for example, I would buy it, especially since I could completely bypass Apple iCloud in favor of either Onedrive or Dropbox.

I would, OTOH, make sure that I had an extended warranty on the thing, because from personal experience and from discussing with others, it's the most unreliable phone on the market.

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