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SubjectRe: Intel's Thunderbolt desperation...
Date08/14/2013 11:22 (08/14/2013 05:22)
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On 8/13/2013 10:44 PM, KDT wrote:

Why should Apple users care if Windows based PC users use Thunderbolt as long as they can get the hardware support they need?

FW never took off in the PC low end consumer market, but who cares? For people who wanted Windows machines with FW could always buy a business class machine from Dell, HP, Lenovo, or Sony.

Boy this is quite a switch from the fanboys who used to claim Apple INVENTED USB and the only reason PC users got USB peripherals was because Apple users had them first. My guess is in 20 years or so from now, some future Apple fangurl neophyte (probably Gary's grandson) will claim apple and it's user were responsible for the success of Thunderolt. :)

-- MFB

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