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SubjectRe: MacBook Pro's at JPL
Date08/07/2013 19:52 (08/07/2013 14:52)
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Alan Baker
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ased on a false premise which itself is based on

your biases.

Since you don't like Macs, you assume they're "fancy toys".

The simpler conclusion is that if people are still buying Macs when there is a cash crunch, it's probably because they value them highly for their needs.

Unless you need something pretty to impress your conspicous consumer friends, an Apple product is probably a waste of money. They come in form factors that are not terribly work friendly. They sacrifice functionality for aesthetics. They have fewer available options.

Unless you have a hardon for a particular bit of Mac-only software, the Mac itself is pretty pointless.

Macs are for running MacOS, and that's only for the vanishingly small minority of people that do real work with Apple hardware.

Very well said. Waste of money. In a few years, they won't even be making Macs, if Apple is still around.

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