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Date08/04/2013 17:17 (08/04/2013 12:17)
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On Sunday, August 4, 2013 8:34:12 AM UTC-4, Nashton wrote:

I expect that utter nutjob KDT to post this nonsense, but you?

Have you seen the price delta between Apple and other offerings, fanguuurl?

$50/year for 100 GBs rather than $100 for 50 GBs?

Plus, Apple's iCloud is a freaking MESS from top to bottom.

So in your personal experience with your Windows Phone, how have you found iCloud lacking?

Tut tut, you weren't supposed to remember he didn't have an iPhone! :)

That said, he did use it from his Macs. Probably still does.

Drop box/Skydrive, Google contacts/calendar that syncs with outlook.


Can you back up your entire Android device to Google Drive and restore it to another device (answer = no)

Yeah, I found that out when I got the Nook HD+. I had thought a simple thing to bring the HD+ up and running would be just backup and restore from the HD. Nope, not possible.

I don't own a stupid Android device. I own a Windows 8 phone.

Educate your sorry ass:

I know you have a win8 phone, I probably would've ended up with one if Verizon had one I liked. At the time, they didn't.

What was it you didn't like about their offerings? The color?

What, they didn't have it in pink, Lloyd?

In hindsight it turns out that it is a good thing I didn't though.

Of course it was ;)

One of the primary uses for my phone is as a golf gps. The very best apps are from Golfshot imo and they are not yet available on Win8 phones.

Are you still happy you didn't get one?

I've seen some good reviews of Win8 phones, almost all pretty positive, but missing app availability has been noted as an issue. Time should solve that assuming Win8 phones can survive.

I see. I just pointed out that this is not the case. Right. We all keep our phones for 10+ years and if Nokia ever goes belly up, the phone would have ceased functionning.

<rolls eyes>

But I could do that very thing when I got my iPad Mini. Backed up the iPad 1, restored and upgraded to the Mini and later to the iPhone 5. Quite simple and elegant. Kind of explains why the iOS devices are worth more doesn't it?

Apple must be happy it got a sucker like you to pay for a device with 5 year old screen technology on which they make a hefty 35-40% profit margin. Shame on you, you could have bought a real iPad and made more money for the mother ship, Lloyd.

I hope Apple is happy, I know I am!

Sure you are. Your a freaking fanguurl, Lloyd.

With my iPad Mini, Nook HD, HD+ and other readers I'm one happy camper. The iPad Mini is more than good enough for what I wanted it for.

But you paid out of the nose for something that would have had the same functionality as your iPad mini had you chosen a cheaper device. There's no winning with you fanguurls, is there? You paid an exorbitant amount for something that is overpriced, when you could have bought something much cheaper!

Hello, logic!

Nice that I have such good choices available, and notice I don't have to incessantly bitch about any of them! Hell, I don't even bitch about Win8 much!

I have many devices, also. Most of them are used for the office to do online charting via a web browser, bought dirt cheap.

My main tablet is an RT which kicks the pants of any Apple tablet I've had the mispleasure to use.

And I'm glad you're going for a fish cook. I'm actually on my way to dig some clams on the island for the BBQ tonight. Better stay away from this ng for a few hours, Lloyd. I'm getting tired of shooting down your convoluted logic and moving targets with every one of your posts.

Now back to your bitch-a-thon! I'm leaving for a fish fry in a bit, I may miss some of it...

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