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...won't come with OSX 10.9 neither.

The wish-list ist long: "Let's hope iOS Mail gets some long overdue features like smart folders. The inability to filter the view for unread messages is ridiculous in a 6th generation mail app."

"I would love to see Mail become more a power user app adding the ability to Flag for followup. Not the Flag we have now which is only a filter, but more like Outlook so that I can Flag an email like a task and give it a date to remind me."

"I'm hoping OS X gets Maps with a map editor like Google Map Maker and iCloud for Keychain Access."

"I really hope that all Mac hardware models supported by Lion OS X 10.8 will still be supported by the upcoming OS X 10.9 then."

"It's pretty crazy that it's taken them two years to fix the full screen app / multiple monitor problem...but at least they've finally adressed (hopefully...)."

"It would be awesome to get a modern, reliable filesystem at some point. It's only about a decade overdue."

"I would just be happy if Time Machine would check cpu load before kicking in (nice is hardly a new concept..)!"

"shame on apple for making it impossible to efficiently use screen real estate (as i used to able to do in Snow Leopard) in a product they sold me that marketed itself as increasing my screen real estate."

Who are you quoting?

Laszlo Lebrun
Individuals complaining about their OSX.

Alan Baker
Let's see the source or sources...

Laszlo Lebrun

I mean why can't you get it yourself?

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