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jay birdsong
SubjectAnother mental exercise for the Physicists
Fromjay birdsong
Date04/17/2013 20:36 (04/17/2013 14:36)
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It takes a big, heavy,boat like Dodge Charger an hour and a half to get from Oslo to Uppsala.

But it only takes a Honda Accord 90 minutes.


Possible answers:

The Honda, hehehe, weighs more. The Honda weighs less. The Dodge Charger hehehe, is 20 cm. longer. A pound of feathers equals a pound of lead. The Dodge driver wore a hat while the Honda driver didn't wear a hat. The Dodge driver got so rattled on a previous thread he couldn't think. The wind was abaft the beam for the Honda which forced the Dodge to tack. The tide was wrong for the Dodge. None of the above.