Chinese company Apple stutt...

SubjectChinese company Apple stutters..
Date04/02/2013 14:44 (04/02/2013 09:44)
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While Android remains stable and Windows phone increases its MS.

People are starting to see how truly wonderful Windows phone is, it really blows the iPhone out of the water in every respect, especially the Nokia 920 which is the greatest phone I've owned.

So at this point, we can safely put forth the argument that there are more cockroaches than people, given that W8 phone MS is at about the same point that Mac MS was a few years back when Apple was bleeding like a stuck pig and the pom-pom girls were a-waving their pom-poms as if it were going out of style and most importantly, when Apple was the "BMW" of computing.

Man do I ever love walking into a store and picking up hardware without making sure that it's compatible with toy Macs ;)

Sandman (26m) > Nashton
Lewis (10h & 6m) > Nashton