Nokia Lumia 920.

SubjectNokia Lumia 920.
Date12/24/2012 03:19 (12/23/2012 22:19)
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Impressive, to say the least.

We (wife and myself) dumped our iPhones for this gem.

-Beautiful screen (higher resolution than the iPhone). -Better mail interface -Gorgeous and easy to find tiles -syncs with everything, from my Mac to iTunes -Love the Cloud service -can choose between payment method extremely easily (paypal, credit card), whereas on the stupid iPhone, you need to enter a stupid password every time you download even a free app. -extraordinary camera, especially in low light with a feature called "cinematographical." Look it up, fanguuuurls. -better design and seems sturdier than the girly little iPhone -A version of Office -better dl speeds than anything Apple ever produced -skype works a lot better and is very fluid, compared to skype on Apple. Let's not even talk about the POS Facetime which only works with other iPhones if you can get the thing to work. -Standard micro USB. -Faster processor -button to turn off more practically placed on the side, instead of the stupid top button -NO stupid button to mute ringer (how many times does it get turned off inadvertently?) -scratch/smudge resistant glass -standby time almost double that the iPhone -dual LED for flash -2.0 aperture compared to 2.4 -unibody design -wireless freaking charging integrated!

While the fanguurlies wait in line to drink more kool aid, I'm settling with this very nicely.

AD (2d, 5h & 54m)
AD (2d, 6h & 12m) > Nashton
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