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SubjectRe: USB 3.0 hubs that WORK on a new 15" Retina MacBook Pro
Date11/15/2012 17:18 (11/15/2012 12:18)
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Wow, what a funny thread - lots of replies with no relevant information.

I just purchased an iogear USB 3 hub, with power supply:

it does not work at ALL with my retina MBP 15" - Not with USB 2 keyboards or mice, not with USB 3 hard disks.

My USB3 disk drives work great directly connected to the computer, at "much better" than USB 2 bandwidth.

Perhaps for your Dongles you can just use a USB 2 hub. They work for me for USB 2 speeds.

Does ANYONE know of a USB 3.0 HUB that actually works with a Retina Mac Book Pro??

I don't as I don't own nor will I ever buy another Mac. But just to make a comment on your post, a little off the cuff, so to speak, the people that have devoted their lives to advocate a huge juggernaut such as Apple (as if there were a dearth of causes to focus upon) have no such problems. When their FW, USB 3 or anything you can connect to a Mac doesn't work, the close their eyes, plug their ears and sing "lalalalala."

So you don't own any Macs now?

What happened to your Daylight stuff?

I still own Macs but I am transitioning to PC and a web based solution akin to DL.

Lloyd (5m)