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to be fair dodge does not sell 4x4 minivans any longer so if any probability of getting stuck in a snowbelt is in the picture a minivan won't do

That's all based on the assumption of needing 4WD for snow, such as because of some job that compels one to travel when the roads haven't been serviced yet.

How do you manage to say something stupid every time? ;)

Some job? Haha.

Not that I've paid much attention, but I don't recall you ever mentioning that you were employed, let alone what you do.

Self employed. Private health care professional. Another thing that went over your head.


if you're FORCED out on the roads during bad weather, you lack the luxury of just taking the day at home.

I can stay home any time I want. My wife, an RN has to get to work or the police will pick her up and drive her there. She prefers to drive in a safe vehicle.

You can drive the van you recommended.

The roads here are simply horrible in the winter. I have a 400 ft driveway that drifts 5 times/day after a storm. The ice is also horrendous. Do you think my Camry can drive through 18 inches of snow?

Looky here:

Can you see any....all season treads?

Sorry, I'm too busy looking for any evidence of an 18" snowstorm ... as opposed to 18" that accumulated over multiple storms. Maybe that 18" was measured by the same ruler that's claiming that it is also 400 feet to the street, such as is seen in image VN0A8565.jpg (#8 of 32 in your Album)? Looks more to me like 3-4 telephone pole heights, which would be all of 100ft.

Don't be sorry. That was one of the first snowstorms. Total accumulation 3-4 ft. Broke all the records.

You lose.

Notice the beast by the basketball court? That day in February, I drove that to work without even lifting a shovel. I'm sure a van could have handled it ;)

Is that because you left after your plow service came and cleared you out? Afterall, one would expect that a boy bragging about his big macho toys wouldn't push his own snow shovel...or do you have an oversized snowblower to compensate with too?

I've got the biggest snow blower money can buy. As you can see, I need it. It's attached to a honda 4-wheeler.

Here's your claimed "400 feet":

Now take a gander at Nas's photos again, looking

for tire tread. All you'll hfind where its evident are "All Season" tread patterns.

Again, you're delusional. All season tread patterns? Where would those be? What a hoot. -hh can tell by my pics that there are all season tread patterns...God knows where ;)

There's only one photo sufficient to show tread, which was the one with your fraudulent trademark on it and falsified EXIF data. Those clearly aren't snows.

Sorry, you're wrong. As usual. If this looks like an all season tire to you here:

it's pretty obvious that you know nothing about cars and trucks or vehicles in general ;

Take a look at these, stupid:

Notice the all season treads on that babe.

And just for you, look at the studded 17 inch Coopers. The pics in the summer are my vehicle with 18 inch mags. I drive with the tire sensor light in because of the smaller tires, but c'est la vie.

Oh, so humorous that not only are your links pointing to the wrong images, but you've done an even WORSE job with falsifying your EXIF data. Your first "snow tire" photo (#2 of 32 in your album) says that the picture was taken 11 months from now in the future:

Date/Time: 2013:02:25 07:38:45

**Screen Shot Saved** :-)

Of course I falsified the exif data, just to please you ;)

Well before his 2008 lease, Car&Driver magazine published a head-to- head test of 4WD vs Snows, and Snows beat 4WD in 8 of 10 tests.

I know you could never afford a $75,000 truck so your disbelief is understandable ;)

I'll dig out my contract for you next time I go to work and have access to scanner.

You allege to have a $60K...oh, sorry: NOW its $75K! vehicle, and also allegedly a Canon 1Ds, but you don't even have a simple flatbed scanner? I have a spare one that I'm not using ... I'll GIVE it to you.

In Canada, with taxes and the luxury/gas guzzler tax, I paid 75,000 grand for it. Half of it cash, the rest on a loan. It was a great deal compared to the price today:


Conclude what you will: either there's no significant "Snow" requirement for the vehicle, or Nash was poor in doing his research and bought the wrong feature, or that Nash didn't care because he was buying to "compensate" :-)

Of course I was ;) It has nothing to do with safety or it being a tool for my needs.

... compensation confirmed ...

That at least is a step forward for you.


I've seen an awd chevy astro in urop but never in the states. So you could not replace an suv with an awd with a full size van in the states either.

Chevy used to sell the 4WD version of the Astro in the USA; don't know if they still do.

Even so, it still begs the question of "Full sized for what?". There's still no sign of an 8,000lb trailer of anything as per that "Specifications" brag, let alone a bevy of kids (which usually fit better in 3 row minivans than in SUVs anyway).

Oh yes, but mine drive in style ;) Don't you wish you could afford one? ;)

YA "compensation" attempt.

Driving that truck is unreal. It's the roomiest vehicle ever. Ever roomier than my previous Suburban. Great on trips:)

Stop projecting.

And there is far more space and metal between me and the outside world in a Sequoia Plat than in a minivan. You go right ahead and drive in a minivan.

Sorry, no minivan here either. And it looks like your prior claim that it wasn't for any perception of safety was a lie too.


And with the sticker on the thing, Heaven forbid if Nash has ever whined about Apple products being overpriced :-)

So now you're stating that I actually bought it? Are you confused..again?

No, "buy or lease" doesn't matter either way.

And do post your fictional research from Car and Driver about 4WD vs "Snows", whatever the heck you're trying to say.


Perhaps some day you'll figure out why you keep losing.

In the meantime, here's why you lost *this* time:

The article is close to 15 years old. The article doesn't even mention SUVs.

How can anyone lose more than you?

Perhaps you'll figure out that your answer is within.

Enlighten me as to how this article applies to SUVs? I'll save you some time: It doesn't.


For example,

for all of your bragging for buying a supposedly expensive vehicle, you showed your true weenie colors by not spending the mere $300 more for the second set of tire pressure monitoring sensors for your alleged second set of wheels.

Actually, I don't like to throw away money for useless crap.

I do enjoy seeing you express your frustration via your childishness and immaturity. Nothing new.

So have you now abandoned the hypothesis that I am leasing the vehicle or did you realize you were wrong? You went silent on that one. I can blow up that popsicle stand too.


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