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SubjectRe: Mass Suicide Attempt at Factory
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Sounds like a wonderful place to work. Good Job Apple. Keep up your support of basic human rights.

So who's eagerly anticipating iPad 3's launch tomorrow?

BTW, I will have this iPad 2(16GB) up for sale.

You're replacing it with a new iPad? People who have them seem to like them. One strange duck said, "they're life changing."!! Perhaps a new life should be in order for them, rather than immersing themselves in a freaking toy. I honestly prefer a small laptop for a portable, but I only carry a computer around once in a while. An iPad is too cumbersome for everyday walking around. I hear they're perfect for the shitter though. That old expression comes to mind; "there's an ass for every seat".

Nope, I'm replacing it with a Asus Transformer. The iPad is a nice device, but I decided to get the money out of it while I still can. It was a gift, and I gave it a fair shot after 3 months of using it, but I'd still prefer the Transformer running ICS.

Since windows ARM tablets won't be out till next year, and no clear x86 based Win 8 tablets anytime soon, the Transformer it is...

Why not wait and get the transformer Prime? I just installed Windows 8 consumer preview on my Iconia w500 and it works like a charm. Battery life has improved and it runs at least 50% faster. It feels like Windows 7 on steroids. The kids like the Xbox integration on Windows 8 and the Xbox Live companion application. Whomever thinks this thing cannot eat into Apple's market share needs their head examined. ;)

Will this be the new tablet craze? MS has to get this one right or they will miss the boat for good. Scalable OSs for hardware from phones, to tablets to desktops/laptops. Sounds good. Apple relegated to a meager 2% market share in the tablet market is a possibility because the halo effect will be much more significant for Windows/MS than it will ever be for Apple/OSX. The iPad, like any other computer craze/wave will diminish until the next big thing.

As for Apple, I can see a further convergence of OSX with iOS, to the detriment of iOS, since iPads are useless apart from consuming media, IMNSHO. People will eventually want to do more with tablets than use fart apps and watch movies and if another less expensive device can do it and run MS office, photoshop and guitar rig, it will succeed.

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