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Date02/27/2012 16:33 (02/27/2012 11:33)
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On 12-02-25 6:21 PM, Bill C wrote:

Bill C
On Tuesday, February 21, 2012 6:17:59 PM UTC-8, Nashton wrote:

Was it worth the wait? D... straight, it was!

This thing rocks and the folks at RIM deserve some kudos for the fantastic work.

This thing just rocks. Android apps work as if they were written for it, sync via gmail, email, calendars, all work like a charm.

Flash too. I get to use what is available now, not some crippled device that can't browse the web and offer users the full experience of every single website.

Well done.

My next phone: A BlackBerry.

Bill C
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10 " tablets are too big.

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