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SubjectRe: Canalsys also considers iPad PCs....
Date02/01/2012 12:55 (02/01/2012 07:55)
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On 12-01-31 11:34 AM, KDT wrote:

I wonder how the trolls will spin this....;topStories

"In the fourth quarter, Apple became the leading worldwide client PC vendor by shipping more than 15 million iPads and 5 million Macs, representing 17 percent of the total 120 million client PCs shipped globally in the fourth quarter, according to Canalys. "

1. Who cares what some bloke thinks. 2. Where did you get the "also", unless you're referring to something the CEO of HP never said.

Wait until the Fire becomes available worldwide. In today's economy, hype notwithstanding, $200 for a device to surf the web and keep ones mind occupied with silly games, is all most people will pay for.

The iPad will go the way of the Mac, with a minuscule market share, especially since its main creative and driving force is dead. The ideas will dry out at Apple pretty fast.

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