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SubjectRe: Asus shows an updated Transformer Prime & beats Apple to the punch w/higher res HD display
Date01/18/2012 13:22 (01/18/2012 07:22)
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I wonder in what way, shape or form the Transformer is a winner... Are we looking at a newly invented market segment in which only the Transformer competes? The

If you mean "Tablet computers that has an optional battery equipped keyboard attachment, WITH full SD card slot AND touchpad AND (2X) USB ports "-market segment...

Yes, that's the kind of "thinking" I'm making fun of. Thanks for the demonstration :)

Laugh away sandflea farter. Your derision/dismissal of the product and its success so far simply shows your beloved Apple doesn't think of everything, does it? It just rankles you fanboys that someone else besides Apple can conceive, design and execute on a quality product, huh?

Oh yeah, it's a sure winner there! :-D

flint sure is a *winner*, not to mention the first true hybrid tablet/netbook PC. Asus beat Apple to the punch!

And a market segment populated by just one single product! Instant 100% market share! Profit!!

You mean like the iPad once did? Not quite, as there a couple of other android tablets going along the same line as the Transformer. The models escape me at the moment, but I'll see if I can dig them up. Expect that market segment of keyboard dockable tablets to grow in size even more once Win 8(ARM) hits, silly.

Keep laughin...

Oh wait...

For what?

-- MFB

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