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On 15 Mar 2014 08:28:57 GMT, Sandman <>wrote:


"Photoshop Plug-ins"

Is it your claim now that the plug-ins listed on that page were all written by Adobe, Tony?

Tony Cooper
No, each plug-in listing tells you who developed the plug-in. Adobe is specifying that they didn't develop them.

But you just said that only Adobe can make Photoshop plug-ins, and that page lists Photoshop plug-ins. Tricky situation you've gotten yourself into!

Right. Only Adobe can call plug-in an "Adobe Plugin", but they can approve vendors as suppliers of plugins for Photoshop. The plugins on that page are evidently plugins that Adobe has approved for use with Photoshop. Strange that some of the most-used plugins are not listed.

That said, and you know how I really like to shove your ignorance down your throat, here's a link for you:

"Perfect Photo Suite works as a plug-in and is a perfect companion to Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and Apple Aperture."

So not even that was something you could get right.

Tony Cooper
What was wrong about my statement?

"These companies don't claim to be "PS plug-ins" or "LR plug-ins"."

In fact, they do.

Tony Cooper

In the quote above, illiterate boy.

Amazing that you can see words there that are not visible to the human eye. OnOne is clearly avoiding trademark infringement by using "companion" and stating that what they offer are plugins that work with the Adobe products.

-- Tony Cooper - Orlando FL

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