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SubjectRe: How to do 103 mph?
Date06/30/2012 22:08 (06/30/2012 16:08)
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In a car that tops out at 140 mph?

Ask Alan Baker.

It's called "I'm scared".

It's called, "there's a 30mph corner at both ends of a straight that is only long enough to get up to 107mph between them". Sebastian Vettel himself could only do about 4mph better...

...but thank you for once again showing conclusively that you lack anything resembling a clue about road racing.

Alan Baker
Then why do you refuse to have an "illegal speed contest" on the open road with me, Zero? And you don't even have to show any money.

Because you're claims are about how fast I should be able to go around Laguna Seca, so that's where you need to show me how much faster you could go.

Sorry, my budget won't permit Laguna Seca. Last week yes, but a worthless family member who is a Luzer much like you and of the same age bracket hit me up. Like you he didn't have money for his bills . They were going to turn off his phone and electric and he was late with his condo fees. He said he needed "A loan". He tried to hit my brother up but he still owes him for the last three "loans". My brother said; "write it off, you'll never see it".

But your all hat anyway, Zero.

My prediction, you will dance away from a road race with me until the end of your time.

And that is why you are the President of the "Three Zeros Club".

Two quick question: Have you given up your "business" of "setting up" iPads in the middle of the night since your early inheritance windfall. Did you "help" your mom down a flight of stairs?

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