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Either that or he couples it with his favorite topic, web development. like he did here. Of course, for him this is a form of digital suicide as 'evidenced' by the 'CSS King's' own site in 2017 on a modern monitor:


Despite me, a novice, telling him how to center it and remove the layout images he's using (and get a better look with CSS while he's at it) he's still can't figure out how to do these things.

Well, at this point I think the main problem is that any changes he does to his "site" could be seen as the result of him taking actual advice from one of his arch nemesis on usenet, so hes stuck in a catch 22 :)

I would have no issue doing so. Amazing to watch you project, though... remember what started your freakout:


Years later you are going on and on... I noted your CSS did not validate (oh no!) and you dishonesty denied it.

You were busted lying. The proof is completely solid.

Me: hey, I have a lot to learn and would take website advice from you with no issue... which does not mean I would blindly follow it. I have no desire or need to attack your skills. You ARE skilled. You know a lot... but like Marek your ego is much larger than your skill base.

-- Personal attacks from those who troll show their own insecurity. They cannot use reason to show the message to be wrong so they try to feel somehow superior by attacking the messenger.

They cling to their attacks and ignore the message time and time again.

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