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SubjectRe: Snit post-editing
Date12/17/2015 00:43 (12/16/2015 16:43)
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Slimer wrote:

The current weaseling from Snit is that after obsessively lying about it for days, even he was smart enough to "suddenly realize" his error and all those lies from him never happened.

He did what he always does. He'll dishonestly misquote what people post and then lie and twist what was said.

Par for the course. For example, you might have noticed that my statements on how's documentation states that they *alter* webpages (including both additions and deletions) .. but you probably didn't notice that that was twisted to be that they only *add*?

What do they remove? And of the relevant data there is no reason to think the WayBackMachine worked to make Sandman look bad and dishonest. No reason at all.

Sandman simple IS dishonest.

Yeah, it's becoming increasingly clear that all of the Tor-using twats who post here are basically one of Snit Michael Glasser lying imbecile and Prescott Rodent's many personalities.

When saying "Tor", be aware that that term could be purposefully misinterpreted to pedantically refer to only just one specific anonymizer service, rather than as you intend: a generic descriptor of any toolset, product, service or capability for anonymizing.

Neither meaning would apply to me. I use a Usenet provider that does not post my IP, but I do not use any such anonymizer service for Usenet.

I can't imagine anyone being as obsessed with having this shithole's attention as he is... it's incredibly sad.

It is going to end quite poorly.

The obsession with me is weird and disturbing and I have asked those who obsess to stop. I sincerely think I am risk of having people such as Carroll or, if he comes to the states, Sandman try to come to my house and cause me harm. They are dangerous people - esp. Carroll who has publicly spoken of contacting my employer and others and has done so (and Sandman has admitted to contacting my family). They are both very disturbed people.

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