Re: Mrs. Snit bemoans her life

SubjectRe: Mrs. Snit bemoans her life
Date12/15/2015 21:05 (12/15/2015 13:05)
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"I simply can't do it all. Guess what that means for us? Our house is *far* from *perfect*! It means our dishes stack up, clean laundry sits either in the dryer or basket for days sometimes, and other things just don't get done. That's O.K. My kids know I love them with all my heart and that's the most important thing to me."

Poor Anne, having to clean up after kids and a child-like adult. 7

Marly Parlor
You fear discussing Linux so form personal attacks instead. Got it. You also know nothing about snit's family life.

tmelmosfire (Snit)
The article is not even about someone named Glasser. Steven Petruzzellis just assumes anyone who lives in the same area must be Snit.

Hey genius... how about you have your big sister read the comments section to you. (That's the part *after* the article.) The Facebook post made by "Anne Glasser" would be a good starting point.

The comment is not from anyone in my family... it is someone (likely Carroll though I have no proof) who is forging the name. Already reported it to Facebook... will have to see if they do anything.

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