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Date11/30/2015 21:29 (11/30/2015 13:29)
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If Muhammad Al-Snit Prescott Terrorist Guy had morals and values, he wouldn't submit to something as pathetic as anxiety and would be determined to work hard in and out of the house to feed and clothe his family. He'd be dedicated to his work rather than to Usenet.

Instead, we have mush who is scared of facing the world because of "anxiety" but cures himself by making everyone else on the Internet miserable with his idiotic dedication to pointless debates.

Wow! Again you attack a your fantasies of a person and not any ideas the person has. Shows your lack of confidence. But let us look at your view of anxiety: many of our service members come back with PTSD - an "anxiety issue". This has a huge impact on their lives... and your response to anxiety disorders is to say people should just get over it.

Only, he didn't actually tell you to "get over it".

He specifically said people should not "submit" to anxiety from health issues.

Actually he didn't. What he actually said is still quoted above.

He said someone with morals and values would not "submit" to anxiety... which is as ignorant as saying someone with morals and values would not "submit" to MS. It is just amazingly and absurdly ignorant. He also said:

Slimer: ----- I'm not saying that he should "get over it," I'm saying that real men wouldn't even be affected by things such as anxiety. ----- Those are his EXACT words. Completely indefensible.

He just said that he dislikes that your personal health issues make you post repeatedly on usenet over pointless debates.

My health issues have nothing to do with my posts and I rarely speak of them except in response to others brining them up, and even then I avoid details.

He apparently feels differently.

How he *feels* is not relevant either.

And it's to your credit, really. He sees your behavior here on USENET as a result of something you cannot control, rather than being a deliberate choice. He just wishes you would work harder not to let other suffer from it as well.

My behavior is fine... notice the debates almost always go to meta-debate nonsense and do not even focus on my doing any wrong. You did try to actually find me doing wrong recently... and had to go back to 2004... and still your accusations were utter rubbish! Meanwhile it was trivial to show content you lied about:

* Your nonsense accusations debunked: <> * Proof your CSS failed to validate: <>

Whatever health issues I have are not relevant. This is a general discussion of anxiety disorders - not about me! Remember, I am not that interesting.

I think you're very interesting, but that's beside the point.

Well, people in COLA and CSMA are obsessed with me. It is like they have never seen honor and honesty before... which also explains why when anyone who shows any decent character comes to these groups they are accused of being me.

Something I'm sure you would agree with - when was the last time you had a "debate" on usenet that had a point? I mean, a debate that had a goal you felt was achieved successfully? Aren't you always found in threads disagreeing with pretty much everyone?

What debates? In CSMA and COLA there is just trolling and me responding.

So what is the supposed "point", then? If we suspend disbelief for a second and play with the idea that there is "trolling and you responding", why do you respond? What is the actual point and how many times have you achieved this point?

I respond because it amused me and I find psychology interesting. You, for example, are a talented person but cannot stand being shown to be wrong and you will lie for years to try to pretend you were not wrong. You create whole groups of pages on your trolling site against those who prove you wrong or dishonest. It is amazing to watch.

As you are aware, you are always in threads where people disagree with you.

I do not follow all threads to see where people agree or disagree with me, so, no I do not know your claim to be true... nor is there any reason to think it is true.

What is it with those threads that keep you posting to them - what is the goal with your participation in them?

See above.

When was the last time anyone (other than a sock puppet of yours) said "Thanks" to something you said? And even if you can find such a post, how much of the actual responses are those percentage-wise?

And then you repeat the "everyone is Snit" gag. Yawn.

No answer for the question, then? Curious.

Your question has a dishonest implication in it... as such there is no way to answer.

See: this is also part of the "fun" for me... to note how people such as you troll and watch you freak out. :)

I'm sure you feel that you're often trying to make a point, but the real question is, *are* you making the point? I.e. even if you feel you have a good and solid view on a given subject, do you ever find that you "win" the argument and the opposing person adopts your viewpoint?

Food for thought.

If you think I have failed to back a point then show it...

That's not the question though.

Of course I am making points. That is a given. And if you disagreed you would focus on the points and not your trolling meta-debates.

But trolling meta-debates is all you have. See below for a great example. :)

Whether or not you feel you have "backed" a point is irrelevant, the question is whether or not you actually successfully *made* that point. I.e. you found yourself showing your point in a clear manner and people you are responding to accept it as a valid point. That should be the end goal, should it not? If you endlessly make what you yourself consider to be "valid points" yet find yourself surrounded by people that disagree with that, why would you still be around? If no one ever agrees with you, why continue stating these supposed "valid points"? What is the purpose?

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