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Date09/12/2009 01:11 (09/11/2009 16:11)
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John stated in post on 9/11/09 3:36 PM:

Snit wrote:

John stated in post on 9/11/09 3:05 PM:

Snit wrote:

I see Steve Carroll and his dog are posting again. Steve is still posting from the same IP he claimed his dog posted from: (Tim and Wally insist that might not be his house... maybe Steve and his dog post from an Internet caf?, eh?)

In any case: Steve posted at 10:22, 10:29, 10:34 and 10:39.

His dog posted at 10:25.

Odd. Well, I guess someone could have been waiting around for Steve to post to make it look like it was likely him. Steve has accused me of that in the past. But notice that when Steve's dog posted, Steve took a break. They cannot post from the same computer at the same time (if they were at a caf? they could be using different computers, but maybe Steve's dog needs help to send - dog's sometimes struggle with that I suppose).

Here are there posting times: <>

My goodness! Not only was someone waiting for Steve to post but they knew when he would pause the longest. Amazing!


Did anyone call law enforcement and let them know Steve has escaped from the looney bin?

Amazing Sandman is trying to claim that Omar and Steve's Dog both post from the same IP (with Steve claiming his dog posts from Steve's IP address!) and that this some how shows they are both me.

Then Wally and Tim have jumped in to note Steve merely said his dog posts from the same place he does - need not be his home! LOL!

The four of them are in twist and spin mode again.

Oh, and having now checked - neither Omar nor Steve's Dog have an IP address listed in their headers. Oops. There goes Sandman's BS stories... not that he will not repeat his lies over and over and over...

Sandman has always been a technically incompetent flake.

I actually disagree. Assuming his "Atlas" system is really his and he is the one who largely made it, that takes quite a lot of technical skill. I know I certainly could not do so - at least not at that level. Takes a certain level of skill, and I suspect he has it.

Where Sandman really blew it, though, is tying his ego to his work. Yes, at least in some areas he has technical knowledge but we *all* have areas where we can grow. Sandman already was not real happy with me... he had been trolling me for some time, when I pointed out some flaws in his work - nothing even show stopping bad, just some areas of growth for him to look into. If he wanted to. If not, oh well. Sandman, to his credit, did look into those things - but then would not admit to the changes he made. For whatever reason, his CSS not validating set him off. Really wounded his ego to have it pointed out in public that he had - gasp! - invalid CSS (not just warnings, as others have tried to say, but actually invalid).

When he could not cover the lies he told about that, he just lost it. Now he lies and twists and whines and goes crazy trying to discredit me. Look at his trolling website where he "antagonizes through other media" - and thus self defines himself as a troll. He is just bonko crazy with his lies.

He also lacks common sense. He goofed when he claimed that Steve Carroll, who claimed his dog posted from the same IP he does, also shares *my* IP... and Omars. Somehow. Sandman never lists the IP address, though, because he *now* knows it is Steve's. Oops. Steve was busted via his IP using sock puppets. Again. But Sandman will never admit to that. Nor Wally and Tim Adams.

And their games go on. Just silly.


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