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SubjectRe: mac sales down
Date05/12/2008 18:23 (05/12/2008 09:23)
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"Steve Carroll" <>stated in post on 5/12/08 5:57 AM:

Steve Carroll
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Tim Murray
On Sun, 11 May 2008 22:53:51 -0400, Snit wrote:

Why, Hamster Boy, would you call weedhopper "Zara"?

Tim Murray
You've been here long enough. You know it is.

Show me the proof. I am not saying you are wrong - I am merely noting that if there is not proof (or, really, strong support) then the accusation should be dropped.

As an example: there is plenty of reason to suspect that CSMA Moderator is one of Steve Carroll's sock puppets

Steve Carroll
Show evidence that I ever used "one" sock puppet any time you'd like to.

- stronger evidence, I believe, than that Zara and weedhopper are the same - but I do not bring that up repeatedly.

Steve Carroll
You're lying... you've brought it up repeatedly... in a failed attempt to convince people that I use a sock puppet army... like you do.

Steve Carroll Steve Carrroll Fretwizz Smit Snit Sigmond "Evil" John

Oh, that's right... it was not *your* fault, your OS and Usenet client *forced* you to nymshift... that was your last excuse when you were busted. Before that you did it as a "defense" against your other lies being "outted".

"Of course I posted as fretwizz" - Steve Carroll

"I did post as sigmond and create that sex webpage starring elizabot... what of it?" - Steve Carroll

"I've been booted off by past providers before because people complain about me and all my bullshit. I don't want to lose my ISP *again* but I still need my army of sock puppets so I continually search usenet for whatever servers I haven't yet been booted from." - Steve Carroll

"Snit... why do I need to hide behind a sock puppet to post that stuff?" - Steve Carroll

Oh, when you wrote those you did not really mean them, you were simply falsely attributing your own words to others... no fair my reminding you of your own words, eh?

Oh, and if you do your normal snip-and-run-in-fear response I will merely post this again. Sometimes it is fun to watch you run away repeatedly. :)

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