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SubjectRe: Question for Sandman about web design
Date04/26/2007 23:47 (04/26/2007 14:47)
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"Sandman" <>stated in post mr-3BBF7C.23324526042007@News.Individual.NET on 4/26/07 2:32 PM:

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And while Sandman looks at people kill filtering me as a something bad against me - I have no problem with people not wanting to see me repeatedly challenge trolls.

So why haven't anyone told you that they're tired of you "challenging trolls" and then killfiled you instead of explicitly stating that you are the troll and that's the reason they're killfiling you?

Prove nobody has said that, Sandman... either in CSMA or in my email.

And why don't the same people killfile these supposed "trolls" instead of you? Why only you? Why not you AND the trolls or ONLY the trolls. Why only you?

Who says they only KF me? And who are all all these "same people"? You are just babbling and trolling me - more now than before... simply because I pointed out that your alt-text was poorly done.

Oh well... you are embarrassed and you are lashing out. Poor little Sandman. Wah wah!

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