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SubjectRe: (Yes, Chance, I'm letting you know): Skip Barber
Date06/30/2012 02:16 (06/29/2012 20:16)
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You're the one turning down the challenge, Michael...

Alan Baker
Back to role reversal, I see.

snip the BS.


My challenge was first. You're the one who's implying you could do it so much better, so I challenge to come out and show it.

No Luser, open road, wheel to wheel. And you won't have to show a dime. I'd love to make you mine, Zero.

Laguna Seca is an open road, Michael (congrats on finally giving up on the sock puppets, BTW. That shows some small personal growth. Good for you!).

Now, "Granny" Baker, the "Dancing Queen" will tap dance his way out.

Before we get to your challenge, you have to deal with mine. Are you walking away from it, or running?

Alan Baker
I can't afford Laguna Seca like a well heeled big shot such as you.

But you said you were richer than I was, Michael...

My priorities and expenses are different than yours.

So open road, wheel to wheel is the only option open to me.

So that would be running away, then?

No - it seems that's the excuse you want to use.

So when you get a car, ping me and we'll do it, and the best part, you won't have to show any money.

Are you up for it Granny, or will you do your Dancing Queen act, again like on the golf group?

First of all, let's be clear: you're not "up for" Laguna Seca...

...because you're too poor...


No, I have allocated my money elsewhere.

So lets be clear, you won't race me wheel to wheel on a open road? I didn't think you would. You are a gutless coward. You're all hat, Zero.

-hh (1h & 11m)
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