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Tony Cooper
No, each plug-in listing tells you who developed the plug-in. Adobe is specifying that they didn't develop them.

But you just said that only Adobe can make Photoshop plug-ins, and that page lists Photoshop plug-ins. Tricky situation you've gotten yourself into!

Tony Cooper
Right. Only Adobe can call plug-in an "Adobe Plugin", but they can approve vendors as suppliers of plugins for Photoshop. The plugins on that page are evidently plugins that Adobe has approved for use with Photoshop. Strange that some of the most-used plugins are not listed.

Wow, you just dug yourself even deeper. Now you're saying "Adobe Plugin", but this is what you said before:

Tony Cooper
Yes, it's a typing error on my part. The mind said "Photoshop Plug-in" and the fingers said "Adobe Plug-in".

So you're still on record with the hilarious comment that only Adobe can call a plug-in a "Photoshop plug-in"?

Yup. Only Adobe can call a plug-in a "Photoshop Plug-in". The rest should call theirs "Plug-in for Photoshop".

So, are thesde your statements, then:

1. Only Adobe can make Photoshop plug-ins

Never said that.

-- Tony Cooper - Orlando FL