XP mem usage musings

SubjectXP mem usage musings
Date02/01/2012 13:44 (02/01/2012 04:44)
FollowupsAlan Baker (7h & 20m)
Sandman (8h & 15m)

I've replaced dead hdd in my dv1013us yesterday, installed xp sp2 on hd160hc and guess what?

it fits in under 100 megs of ram. granted, i could make linux run on less than 16 but with xp you get a user friendly os and media buttons work. gonna install hp slugware to bring memory usage to 200 megs so that I don't feel too bad looking at the activity monitor system memory page:

writing this from a last gen 8mb 17" macbook pro running 10.7.2 bloatware solely so that xcode can work (strangely xcode 4.2.1 is just a tad over 300 megs today. 4.3p3 looks pretty good also stability wise not sure who got whacked but it seems to solidify, gradually)

Alan Baker (7h & 20m)
Sandman (8h & 15m)