Edwin Digest, HD wakeup time edition
In this digest, we'll go over some claims from Edwin about hard drive wakeup time. Any Apple laptop owner knows that the laptop wakes up from sleep in about one second. Edwin - not having actually used a Mac laptop - claims this is impossible:
10/24/2003 Re: Request for Edwin and others
Edwin <> (

The fact a hard drive needs 30 seconds to spin up is a physical limitation of the HD, it's not 'Mac bashing.Edwin
10/12/2003 Re: Oh, Edwin....
Edwin <> (pm4.127.iwic.net (

If I computer needs to access its swap file, and the HD is not spinning, it can't wake from sleep until the HD spins up. That's in 10 to 30 seconds, just the time reported for Mac OS 9Edwin
10/12/2003 Re: Two Mac Gurus report incredible discovery!
Sandman <> (t1o913p87.telia.com (

And then I posted an actual video showing my PowerBook waking in about one second. Edwin proceeded by claiming that I didn't understand at all what was happening (and that the file copy that was in progress was the result of data being "flushed", whatever that means).
10/27/2003 Re: Oh, Edwin....
Edwin <> (

All that video shows is the progress bar resuming. It only reports what's been flushed from the disk cache. That doesn't show real-time writing to the hard disk. You didn't realize that, did you? Of course you didn't.Edwin
Then he was given HD specs for another mac laptop (this ruined my schedule, but what the heck). And then he made an aboutface and claimed that I was wrong, since that particular HD woke up in 2.5 seconds, not exactly one (even though I've repeatedly said "about one"). He then "forgets" his own claims about 10-30 seconds and proclaims victory.
I have been trying to get him to answer me if my PB (who was 'flushing' or whatever) woke in 2.5 seconds in my video, but he hasn't answered.
I then posted the specifications for my hard drive and as anyone can see: "Stand-by to idle: 1.8 seconds" (Stand-by being 'sleep', idle being 'ready').
Edwin obviously claims I was lying all along since the specs says "1.8 seconds" instead of the "one second" I've mentioned several times (just as I've mentioned "about one second"). He conveniently forgets that he specifically claimed it would take 30 seconds for a HD to wake up.