• MuahMan


    2:29:57 PM GMT-5 on 7/10/17 Set the Alarm on your Apple Watch (2015 Casio Calculator Watch).

    Muahman predicts when the iPad will be discontinued
  • MuahMan


    I'm 6', 180, and could kick Europe's ass single handedly.

    You're 182cm tall and weighs 81kg? My god you're tiny.
  • Muahman


    Tablets are a fad and will fade to nothing within a couple of years
  • MuahMan


    You're thinking more of Hyundai. Built in some slave labor camp with cheap components to build a few base models.

    Oh the irony!
  • MuahMan


    God damned cancer. Why we research any other disease is beyond me. Seems like half the planet has some form of cancer. Either find a fucking cure or find out what the fuck is causing it.

    My condolences as well.