• Edwin


    Yes they will. Amazon doesn't put just anything on pre-order, only the stuff they know will fly off their shelves.

    Edwin claims that the Asus Slate, with 3hours battery life, will "fly off the shelfs"
  • Edwin


    Taken as the killer of the netbook and the Kindle, as a revolutionary new computing device, [the iPad] is a complete dud, an overpriced, over-hyped POS that can't multitask or play Flash.

    Saved for later :)
  • Edwin


    Why don't you try checking your facts for once before you post? Those remarks are on this group. What am I supposed to do, read the group for you and email you a synopsis every day?

    Whenc laiming that someone has written something on csma, and Edwin wants you to show where, this is what you reply :)
  • Edwin


    > It won't kill the Mini. Apple might, but the Eee Box won't.

    Sure it will.

    Edwin, again, explicitly claims that a PC product will kill an Apple product.
  • Edwin


    > So -- by your own definition -- Windows PCs have been "mere peripherals
    > of an MS Exchange Server" for many years now...

    Sure, why not?

    Edwin claims that PCs are peripherals. Hehe.
  • Edwin


    My computer would only boot into safe mode after I installed SP3.

    And the problem - third party, of course! Never Microsofts fault. :)
  • Edwin


    My Zune 30 is most definitely NOT a brick.

    So he has a Zune? Ok.
  • Edwin


    Leopord is two years late. It was announced in June of 2005.

    Edwin says that a product is late if its not shipping immediately after it has been announced
  • Edwin


    He said them indirectly.

    Edwin attributes a quote (using quote marks) to Tim which Tim has never written, but thinks it ok by claiming that he said it "indirectly".
  • Edwin


    Let's see Apple sell a million iPhones next quarter...

    Yeah. let's see...
  • Edwin


    Seeing how Zune has 11%, and rising, of the market

    Edwin claims that Zune has 11% of the market, which incidentally is the hard drive based market, not including flash players.... Or mp3-playing cell phones.
  • Edwin


    this will take iPod sales away.

    Edwin thinks people will buy Halo 3-themed Zunes instead of iPods.
  • Edwin


    Buying a used Mac with software on its HD, and no original software disks, and using that installed software, is piracy.
  • Edwin


    You're a software pirate. Many Mac owners are.

    How about those explicit claims!
  • Edwin


    Apple makes the highest profits in the industry.

    Cool. Apple is making this highest profits in the business! That's pretty awesome.
  • Edwin


    IOW, you're yet another Apple Fan Boy who only pays Apple lip service.

    Edwin claims that someone who doesn't buy everything they advocate is just paying "lip service". That in spite of Edwin posting lots of things about products he never bought. Like the PSP or Nokia N800 or a lot of other competing products
  • Edwin


    IOW, it is Intel technology. Thanks for clearing that up.

    Edwin is on record for saying that since Intel bought something from someone, the technology is theirs, and thereby admitting that things Apple has acquired is thus Apple technology (such as the NeXT parts of OSX).
  • Edwin


    Activations have not increased over the initial 146,000.

    Edwin claims that in an entire month, no more iPhone has been activated. Not even one.
  • Edwin


    I admire Bill Gates

    We know :)
  • Edwin


    > [Apples] stock is already back up.

    But iPhone activations are not.

    Edwin claims that in one month, AT&T hasn't activated a single phone since there hasn't been any announcement since their quarterly report.
  • Edwin


    If the iPod is compared against any and all music players its share is abysmal.

    "Abysmal" is the word!
  • Edwin


    Upon rereading your original post, I see that I have been mistaken in what I wrote. I apologize for my mistaken accuastions and insults.

    Two posts earlier in the same thread, he posted this: "I always read what is posted" :)
  • Edwin


    "...for a total of 119.5 million portable MP3 players. Apple's market share of devices sold in 2005 is not 78%, it is 18.8%. "

    Edwin quotes a source that claims that iPods market share is 20%, not 80%, since there are lots of mobile phone that also plays mp3's. By that logic, Windows is not the dominant operating system since there are billions of operating systems in cell phones, vcr's, pvr's, game consoles and so on that's not Windows.
  • Edwin


    They know once the MS bulldog sinks its teeth in it never lets go.
    It's only a matter of time before Zune kills the iPod.

    Edwin predicts that the Zune will kill the iPod
  • Edwin


    It's advertisement of commercial products, regardless of your spin or your denials.

    Edwin claims that a post that links to an interesting product is spam, off-topic and an advertisement
  • Edwin


    When the smoke clears, the last Troll standing is... The Mighty EdWIN.

    Edwin celebrates "winning" over another troll
  • Edwin


    His lack of argument means he accepts the idea as true

    Edwin says that if you don't argue something, you accept it as truth
  • Edwin


    Any attempt to reason with Mac Advocates is doomed to end in frustration.

    When did he try that?
  • Edwin


    A claim based on ignorance is a lie.

    Edwin admits to lying all the time in csma
  • Edwin


    You gave what you assumed contained what the poster wanted. You had no idea if any 0S 9 software was really on that site or not.

    Edwins claims that Alan Baker did not know that www.versiontracker.com contains links to OS9 software when Alan offered that link to the question where someone can find OS9 software.
  • Edwin


    What good looking GUI does Darwin have? Not Mac OS X.

    According to Edwin, OSX isn't a GUI for Darwin.
  • Edwin


    It's BSD Unix with Apple's APIs and GUI on top of it.

    Wait a minute, didn't you say it wasn't BSD? :-D
  • Edwin


    It's a moot point. There are no more Macs. Apple builds Wintel PCs
    now, and installs BSD Unix on them.

    The Mac is DEAD! Long live the PC!

    Edwin claims that Apple has stopped selling Macs.
  • Edwin



    Neither was the 1984 Mac.

    Edwin claims that the original Mac wasn't for the masses.
  • Edwin


    Derek has admitted 1991 was the last time he had a PC. So he's not qualified to say what has been true "since" then.

    Edwin admits that his comments about Macs are invalid
  • Edwin


    Mark my words, history will record that if Apple had co-operated with Real, and with other hardware makers, they would have sold less iPods, but kept their dominance of the portable music online sales. Now Apple is on its way to becoming just as small a niche player in portable music as it is in GUI computers.

    Right, how is that working out?
  • Edwin


    "As a WYSIWYG editor, Dreamweaver can hide the details of pages' HTML code from the user, making it possible for non-experts to easily create web pages and sites. Some web developers criticize this approach as producing HTML pages that are much larger than they should be, which can cause web browsers to perform poorly. This can be particularly true because the application makes it very easy to create table-based layouts. In addition, some web site developers have criticized Dreamweaver in the past for producing code that often does not comply with W3Cstandards. However, Macromedia has increased the support for CSS and other ways to layout a page without tables in later versions of the application."

    Edwin supports the notion that Dreamweaver is a tool for beginners
  • Edwin


    They're playing games with statistics. They treat all variations of iPod as if it were the same model, and all models of competing players as if they were different things.

    Ironic, since Edwin later wanted all Blackberry models to be counted as one when comparing to the iPhone.
  • Edwin


    I use Avast AV, the Yahoo anti-spy toolbar, the MS anti-spy software, Windows SP2 with its firewall, AdAware, Spybot Search and Destroy, and SpywareBlaster. All free, all excellent, none of them any bother to set up or use.

    Edwin, advocating Windows.... ahem.
  • Edwin


    Spotlight is a database application.

    Uh, right...
  • Edwin


    All that video shows is the progress bar resuming. It only reports what's been flushed from the disk cache.

    Hehe, whatever that means... :)
  • Edwin


    The fact a hard drive needs 30 seconds to spin up is a physical limitation of the HD

    Indeed, Edwin. Indeed
  • Edwin


    [snip of irrelevant picture files.]

    Edwin snips the URl to a mpeg movie :-D
  • Edwin


    Apple beat Wintel to market with 64 bit personal computers
  • Edwin


    I really don't want to see Macs smashed. That was just a troll.

    Nooo? Seriously? A troll? Who would have though?
  • Edwin


    It is Mac OS X, not BSD.

    Yeah, right :)