• Snit


    By the way, did you know you cannot even block comments with YouTube? There used to be a Firefox extension but it no longer works. YouTube has actively disabled all extensions which tried to do that.
  • Snit


    > We know you're not interested in reasoned debate.

    Sure I am. Let us discuss

    And when I respond to all the points in his post, he ignores that response altogether. So much for wanting to discuss!
  • Snit


    Happy to help... at its best THIS is what COLA should be about.
  • Snit


    I respond because it amused me

    Snit says the reason for his long trolling threads is for his own amusement
  • Nashton


    I must admit though that I am enjoying my jailbroken iPad and can't wait for the iOS 8 jailbreak.
  • PeterN


    As a former editor and professor, I would qualify as an expert in contemporary English usage in most courts.
  • Tony Cooper


    You could respond to what I said, not what I didn't say.
  • Tony Cooper


    they can approve vendors as suppliers of plugins for Photoshop. The plugins on that page are evidently plugins that Adobe has approved for use with Photoshop.

    Tony claims that there exists an approval process from Adobe with regards to using them with Photoshop
  • Tony Cooper


    Lightroom accepts PS plug-ins.

    Which turned out to be false
  • Nashton


    Total savings: $15600 over 5 years, on a car that I would not have kept anyway beyond 5 years.

    I can go on 2 vacations a year on the money I'm saving

    Nashton vacation budget is $1,560 per trip. Living it large!
  • Nashton


    How's that landscape camera you spent a FORTUNE on

    Nashton thinks a Nikon D800E costs a fortune
  • Nashton


    Wife updated to iOS7 on her iPhone 5

    So the wife now have an iPhone again? What happened to the Nokia?
  • Nashton


    My main tablet is an RT which kicks the pants of any Apple tablet I've had the mispleasure to use.

    Ok, so now he has a Microsoft Surface RT? What happened to the Asus and Blackberry tablets?
  • Nashton


    The Macs I currently use belong to a company, which owns them.Nashton
    Would that be a company you own?Lloyd
    I own the majority of shares in said company.

    Nashtons claims to not own any Macs, but that his company owns several Macs (2 iMacs and one Macbook Pro), that he uses on a daily basis.
  • Nashton


    Nobody in their right minds considers an automobile an asset, unless your revenue is such that $15000 for a car is a significant amount in relation to your other real assets.


    Nashton, on a tireless quest to prove that he is totally illiterate
  • Flint


    An embedded "@" makes it a broken email link, moron. Just because you fangurlz expect the rest of the world's usenet newsreader software to follow some non-standard MT-Newswatcher convention for creating broken links, don't assume such links are proper.

    Haha, Flint thinks a Message-ID is a "broken email link" and that it's an MT-Newswatcher "convention".
  • Flint


    Vista doesn't 'break' drivers. It's the the responsibility of the driver vendor to *update* them in order to keep up with Vista.

    That's a keeper!
  • Nashton


    Have you actually held one?

    Nashton questions the opinion of a poster on the basis that he hasn't used the product he passes judgement on.
  • Flint


    I like my iPad2 very much, but I'd prefer a smaller tablet myself.
  • Nashton


    Actually, I have 3 Playbooks now. One for each office, one for home. The Asus tablet serves as a music reader.

  • ed


    rolling out, so it looks like you'll be getting it.

    Ed claims that the Android 4.0 update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is "rolling out" in Europe
  • Snit


    he only engages me in a forum such as this where when I prove X he just snips it and then claims the exact opposite. Over and over since 2004.

    He must be talking about himself in third person :)
  • Michael Patelmo


    I want to avoid moving out of a nice house and into a shithole

    Michael says that a $1,300 entry fee to Laguna Seca racing would force him to sell his house
  • Michael Patelmo


    Sorry, my budget won't permit Laguna Seca. Last week yes, but a worthless family member who is a Luzer much like you and of the same age bracket hit me up. Like you he didn't have money for his bills . They were going to turn off his phone and electric and he was late with his condo fees. He said he needed "A loan"

    MIichael can't afford the $1,300 entry fee to Laguna Seca racing because he had to "loan" his last money to a "wortless family member"
  • Michael Patelmo


    No, I have allocated my money elsewhere.

    Michael says his money is "allocated" elsewhere, so he can't afford a $1,300 cost of racing at Laguna Seca.
  • Michael Patelmo


    I can't afford Laguna Seca
  • Nashton


    Of course I falsified the exif data
  • Nashton


    10 " tablets are too big.

    Interesting, given the fact that Nashton has claimed his 10.1" Acer Iconia W500 is the only "real tablet".
  • Nashton


    So much for Macs in business.


    Doesn't he use Macs in his business?
  • Nashton


    Playbook doing just fine. Right now, all I do on it is billing and play games.
  • Snit


    The answer: you cannot tie apps to a specific space. The concept of spaces / virtual desktops has been redefined.

    Snit makes an explicit claim about how something works, which turns out to be false. As usual.
  • ed


    sorry, i don't feel i performed a personal attack

    Ed calls KDT's statement "retarded" and argues that it's not a personal attack
  • Nashton


    Can't get my eyes of the 27 inch new iMac that Apple was so graceful to offer for *free*, replacing a 3 year-old computer that had a few
    overheating issues.

    Everything worked flawlessly, from the migration assistant to setting up all the peripherals.
  • Snit


    I do not make unsupported accusations.

  • MuahMan


    You're thinking more of Hyundai. Built in some slave labor camp with cheap components to build a few base models.

    Oh the irony!
  • Snit


    I have no obligation to quote your trolling.

    As we would have no obligation to quote his trolling.
  • Snit


    Seriously: I would love to see the back and forth BS just stop.

    So why do he keep posting new threads about it?
  • MuahMan


    God damned cancer. Why we research any other disease is beyond me. Seems like half the planet has some form of cancer. Either find a fucking cure or find out what the fuck is causing it.

    My condolences as well.

  • Snit


    In 2004 as a reply to Mackay's lies about an email he claimed to get from me I noted the company the *IP* address of his post came from and noted that it might make sense to alert that company

    Snit says that the intentions to drag up the company info of a poster was to expose a potential imposter or at least improper conduct.
  • Edwin


    My Zune 30 is most definitely NOT a brick.

    So he has a Zune? Ok.
  • Edwin


    IOW, you're yet another Apple Fan Boy who only pays Apple lip service.

    Edwin claims that someone who doesn't buy everything they advocate is just paying "lip service". That in spite of Edwin posting lots of things about products he never bought. Like the PSP or Nokia N800 or a lot of other competing products
  • Edwin


    Upon rereading your original post, I see that I have been mistaken in what I wrote. I apologize for my mistaken accuastions and insults.

    Two posts earlier in the same thread, he posted this: "I always read what is posted" :)
  • Snit


    You snipped my sentences to pieces and then pretended the second part of a
    sentence did not exist as you responded to the first.

    Snit whines about being treated the way he treats others.
  • Snit


    I have *never* said one is obligated to respond to every point in a post or every question.

    Yet he whines when people snip away parts of his post and claims they are "snipping and running".
  • Snit


    This, really, is the reason I come to CSMA...

    Snit helps someone with a issue with spotlight and then states that doing such things is the reason he comes to CSMA, yet he spends 99% of his time in the group doing something other than the reason he comes there for. Strange.
  • Edwin


    "...for a total of 119.5 million portable MP3 players. Apple's market share of devices sold in 2005 is not 78%, it is 18.8%. "

    Edwin quotes a source that claims that iPods market share is 20%, not 80%, since there are lots of mobile phone that also plays mp3's. By that logic, Windows is not the dominant operating system since there are billions of operating systems in cell phones, vcr's, pvr's, game consoles and so on that's not Windows.
  • Snit


    You should take one of my IT classes some day.

    Why don't he take them himself? :)
  • Nashton


    The author is vague and obviously a fanatical Apple lackey that would try anything to discredit MS.

    Nicolas calls Paul Thurrott an "Apple lackey"
  • Nashton


    I spent 215 $ on three great ipods

    Nashton buys iPods in spite of earlier post about not buying iPods.
  • Edwin


    What good looking GUI does Darwin have? Not Mac OS X.

    According to Edwin, OSX isn't a GUI for Darwin.
  • Edwin


    It's BSD Unix with Apple's APIs and GUI on top of it.

    Wait a minute, didn't you say it wasn't BSD? :-D
  • Edwin


    Derek has admitted 1991 was the last time he had a PC. So he's not qualified to say what has been true "since" then.

    Edwin admits that his comments about Macs are invalid
  • Edwin


    They're playing games with statistics. They treat all variations of iPod as if it were the same model, and all models of competing players as if they were different things.

    Ironic, since Edwin later wanted all Blackberry models to be counted as one when comparing to the iPhone.
  • NashtOn


    You can obviously afford to have an expensive car, actually many of them *and* enjoy other activities without breaking the bank. Good for you, it
    pleases me when others do well :)
  • NashtOn


    I'd love to own a Lexus but with kids (many of them) -and some of them on the verge of starting undergraduate studies- I simply cannot afford
    cars of this ilk.
    And I've heard Lexus dealerships are quite snooty. Guess it was true after all;) Another reason to avoid expensive cars.
  • Snit


    Tim Adams posted the same desperate list of lies he posted yesterday.
    Apparently he has found the cut and paste feature of his computer. Way to
    go Tim!

    Ironic considering the sheer amount of pasting in old issues Snit has been doing over the years
  • Nashton


    I am also taking this opportunity to apologies for anything I might have said that was out of line and hurtful as this is not my MO.
  • Snit


    Thanks. That much more impressive in my eyes...

    Snit says that it's much more impressive to use a text editor (BBEdit in my case) to make web pages than using a WYSIWYG editor like DreamWeaver