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SubjectRe: Apple stops development of Aperture, iPhoto
Date07/03/2014 00:54 (07/02/2014 22:54)

222 0 <> Okay, so one time? In band camp? Sandman <>was all, like: -->2 Jul 2014 08:35:13 GMT <>

In article <slrnlr6cn4.o9.g.kreme@amelia.local>, Lewis wrote:

Sandman: Right, but the Photos app will be for consumers and a way to make trivial edits to their photos. I need a more professinal level application,

Lewis: You have *no* idea what the Photos app will be. It will not even be out until next year.

Sandman: Well, I *do* have an idea, given that we got a sneak peak of it at the keynote, remember?

If you call that a sneak preview.

Sandman: Photos is an iOS-only app that is now being brought to the Mac,

I don't think that's accurate. If it were, it would be in 10.10 DP right now.

How so?

because simpy porting an iOS app to OS X doesn’t take that long.

Sandman: like Reminders and Notes. As with those, the UI is simple and the feature-set is simplistic and tailored for the casual user.

Again, you have *no* idea.

Yes, I *do*.

Nope, not a single clue.

1. We saw a sneak peak of the software. It was simple

You saw a sneak preview of an application that is so far from release it's not even being given to developers for testing and is not due to be released until months after OS X 10.10.

2. Apple has never releases iOS-first software on OSX

You have *zero* evidence this is an iOS port. The fact that it looks similar is not evidence.

that was more advanced than the iOS version

Apple has never spent $3 billion on an acquisition. Apple has never released two sizes of iPhone. Apple has never had a public beta for a future product (the OS X PB doesn't really count). Apple has never allowed extensions in iOS. Apple has never allowed third-party keyboards in iOS. There's *all* sorts of things Apple has never done. So what?

You're making assumptions about a program that is at least 6 months from release, and more likely 8 or 9.

That much is true - but I most certainly have a fair idea of what Photos will be.

No, you don't. You have a preconception, which is not at all the same thing.

Think about it - we will soon see how Photos in iOS 8 will look and work, and we've already seen it demoed. It's hardly a Lightroom/Aperture contender.

If the program were as simple as you claim, it wold be released now.

Now assume that Photos for the Mac will be a professional-grade photo management application, with support for projects, smart folders, keywords, full EXIF/IPTC editing and much much more.

I am assuming nothing. We know that it will support third-party extensions, so chances are it *could* do all those things, and more.

The difference between the two versions would be too great, people would start wondering why you can't create smart folders on the iPhone.

I guarantee that Photos in 10.10 will have smart folders. If I'm wrong, I owe you a six pack of your favorite beer. You have to come to Denver to collect.

It's logical to assume that the lowest common denominator will be the iPhone and the UI and feature-set will be tailored for the iPhone.

Yes, you are *assuming* a lot.

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