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SubjectRe: Google Pixel 2 activations surpassed iPhone X activations
Date12/31/2017 13:39 (12/31/2017 08:39)
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Tell us about the iPhone X activations again, Shitstain.

Iphones are actually the best phone on the market.Nokia made a great phone before it was bought my MS, with the best low light camera and interface. But just like Apple in the 80s and 90s, it failed to attract customers. My BB died after 4 years of intensive use and abuse. I own an iPhone and will take advantage of their battery replacement offer. I'm just mad as heck that kept the people that support them and spend good money for a phone that has a form of systemic, planned forced obsolescence, unbeknownst to the consumer, built in. Any right thing person would be upset. Only blind fan boys will spin and try to squirm out of the fraud perpetrated by Apple.

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